George Lopez Urinates on Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star?

Donald Trump enjoyed little support within Hollywood during his presidency, with stars publicly united in criticizing the former president.

Among them was comedian George Lopez, who came under fire in 2020 for making an apparent joke about an $80 million bounty for President Donald Trump‘s head.

The comedian’s feud with Trump reared its head again this week when videos widely shared on Twitter showed what appeared to be Lopez urinating on Donald Trump’s star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Claim

Multiple tweets posted between May 22 and May 23, 2023, included a video of George Lopez pouring liquid over Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star, claimed to depict Lopez urinating. A censor blur appears over where the liquid comes from.

One tweet by user @MikeASperrazza, posted on May 22, 2023, viewed 16,000 times said: “Now just imagine if a Trump supporter did this to something with @BarackObama name all over it.

@georgelopez cmon man. Republicans and conservatives, it’s time to wake up and grow a pair. The left will piss all over us, literally. Toughen up please.”

The Facts

Lopez’s animosity toward Trump is well documented. Responding to an Instagram post about an $80 million bounty for the former president, at a funeral procession for Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, Lopez wrote, “We’ll do it for half.”

No matter Lopez’s thoughts toward the former president, however, the video of him “urinating” on the former president’s Walk of Fame star has been altered.

The original video was captured in 2018 and showed Lopez using a small water bottle to make it appear that he was relieving himself on the star.

The clip went viral on Twitter and was shared by major media outlets, including Newsweek.

In the videos that were shared on Twitter this week, the censor blur was added to make it appear to be something worse, with deceptive captions included to strengthen that impression.

Editing footage with misleading headlines is a common misinformation trope used to discredit or embarrass public figures.

Only recently, a clip widely shared on social media showed what appeared to be a crowd at the University of Pennsylvania shouting “F*** Joe Biden” at the president as he attended his granddaughter’s graduation.

The audio was edited into the original clip, which featured no such chant, as it has been done elsewhere on a number of occasions.

The Ruling

The video does not depict Lopez urinating on Trump’s star. It is edited footage from 2018 of the comedian using a water bottle to make it appear as if he did.

A censor’s blur was added over the original footage to make it appear that the comedian was urinating, with captions added to strengthen that impression.

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  1. Just further proof that Democrats are insane… and Lopez further embarrasses his Hispanic/Mexican race…they’re not ‘American’ kind of people…

  2. Lopez was disgusting way before he ever tried to be funny,,,,NOT! Never funny and now has lost his mind. Go figure! Hollywood types = disgusting.

  3. You know Lopez? Anyone that has half a brain or even a quarter of a brain knows you and the rest of the gutter trash from Hollywood including the left which you fall into both are what has absolutely destroyed your industry, ANHUESER, Disney and universities! If anything, people should be urinating on you and shoving s–t back in your mouth because that is all that comes out of your mouths these days! Grow a pair? You idiots can’t even distinguish a man or a woman these days! We, as a very large portion can continue doing what we do best, put you all in your place, the gutter, stop supporting you in your industry and continue to boycott all bisinesses that any of you have anything to do with. I guess that will be killing your Chihuahua movie series. How unfortunate the dogs must suffer because of A Holes like you, Bette, Joy, Cher, Madonna, Robert and other trash that now represents Gutterwood! Pure vile disgusting actions for being an adult, GROW UP LOPEZ AND ACT LIKE A RESPONSIBLE MAN! Pathetic!

    1. Dangerous gasbag Lopez will do everything to stop his fading, washed-up unremarkable acting career.
      Like most of the HarveyWood-Epstein sleezebags churned out, Lopez is a woke cultural elite. His show is mired in dreck, backed up by mind-numbing salacious commercials. Soon to be a forgotten has-been…..

  4. Was this Democrat video made in 2018, and then this 5-year-old video is being regurgitated? says:

    Was this Democrat video made in 2018, and then this 5-year-old video is being regurgitated?
    Or was this Democrat video made recently in 2023?

    Scared Democrats are dredging up any ancient piece of trivia to try to discredit the Republican presidential front-runner. And without “Democrat Election Fraud”, winner of the 2024 presidential election.

  5. It’s enough to make you sick but when will it be enough to make them stop!!! The celebrities are and always were FOOLS. They are complete idiots way more impressed with themselves then the rest of us are with them. It’s clear their popularity is in the toilet and they can’t handle it!!!!

  6. Hollywood not what it use to be, that’s why it is a failing profession. Lopez you and your ilk are disgusting. No more John Wayne’s, sorry to say.

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