DUI Crash Video Shows Man Pleading for Help for NFL Star

A man begged cops over and over again at the scene of the Henry Ruggs car crash in Las Vegas to get help for the ex-NFL star “ASAP” … newly released police video shows.

In the footage, which was captured on Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. officers’ body cameras just after Ruggs had crashed his Corvette into Tina Tintor‘s Toyota on Nov. 2, 2021, you can see one of the people at the scene of the fiery wreck was desperate to get aid for Ruggs.

Repeatedly, the man can be heard on camera telling a cop to have medical personnel rush to Ruggs quickly … as 23-year-old Tintor and her dog were dying in a blaze just feet away.

“I know somebody probably in there,” the man said of Tintor’s Rav4, “but this is Henry Ruggs right here. This is Henry Ruggs right here. He plays for the Raiders. He needs help ASAP.”

An officer told the guy to calm down … but he continued to plead for aid for the former wide receiver as cops surveyed the crash site.

“Hey, look, he plays for the Raiders,” the man repeated. “He needs help ASAP, bro.”

Eventually, a cop told the man and others at the scene medical responders were on their way to Ruggs, who was sitting on the street near a curb.

The video also shows just how horrifying the crash was — in the clip, you can hear explosions coming from Tintor’s vehicle as it burned in the middle of the roadway.

After the scene had been cleared, cops were seen on video discussing the crash … with one officer saying he believed he could see skid marks and debris several yards away from where the two vehicles came to a stop following the collision.

As we reported, Ruggs was ultimately hit with five charges over his role in the crash … after authorities alleged he had been traveling at 156 MPH while drunk just moments before he slammed into Tintor.

Ruggs, 24, reached an agreement with prosecutors to close out the case earlier this month … pleading guilty to one felony count of a DUI resulting in death and one misdemeanor count of vehicular manslaughter. In exchange, the rest of the charges against Ruggs were dropped.

As part of the deal, Ruggs agreed to spend 3-10 years behind bars. He’ll learn the exact length of the prison sentence at a hearing on Aug. 9.

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