Alec Baldwin Accused of ‘Verbally Berating’ Female Server

Alec Baldwin allegedly ‘yelled’ at a female server at Thursday night’s PEN America Literary Gala in NYC – leaving her ‘shocked and upset’, reports Page Six

The actor, 65, who made his return to the red carpet after all charges were dropped against for accidentally shooting and killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust – is said to have become frustrated when the server began delivering meals to a table while he was on his feet chatting to a fellow attendee. 

A source told the publication the incident unfolded when Baldwin stood to chat with someone a ‘couple of minutes before the line of servers come all at once to deliver the meals.’

 The server, said to be in her late 20s or early 30s, was allegedly stuck behind the actor as he was chatting, with the source saying: ‘Then, when she could pass, she started putting plates on the table. I guess he didn’t like that she did that with him standing there.’

The actor is then said to have started ‘scolding her’ with the ‘visibly upset’ server overheard telling someone: ‘I don’t know why he yelled at me.’ 

The source that they guessed Baldwin ‘felt the server was rude’ to start putting plates down as he stood, adding that his wife Hilaria was not present for the alleged incident and that the moment ‘went unnoticed for the most part. has contacted representatives for Alec Baldwin for comment.

On Monday Alec finally ditched his beard while celebrating his last day of filming Rust – three weeks after all charges were dropped against him in the fatal shooting of Hutchins. 

Baldwin shared a snap taken with Rust co-star Patrick Scott McDermott, writing: ‘Last day on the set of RUST with this guy. A very talented actor and lovely young man with a bright future ahead. My love to you, @patrickscottmcdermott.’

McDermott returned the love by commenting ‘Love you Alec’ before posting a snap of the two embracing on set with the caption: ‘Alec’s last day [heart emoji] I’ll miss you.’

Production stopped abruptly in October 2021 when Baldwin shot a live round from a prop gun killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on Rust’s New Mexico set.

The Beetlejuice star was charged in January with two counts of involuntary manslaughter in connection with Hutchins’ death and the injury of ‘Rust’ director Joel Souza, who was struck by the same bullet that passed through Hutchins.

The case against Baldwin quickly unraveled. A weapons charge that would have meant a much longer sentence was dismissed, and the first special prosecutor appointed in the case resigned.

This despite a damning FBI report that concluded that Baldwin did pull the trigger of the gun that killed Hutchins – despite him repeatedly stating that he did not.

The report could still lead to criminal charges against the actor and others involved in the accidental shooting, with Santa Fe cops still investigating Hutchins’ death.

After the charges against him were dropped, Baldwin took to Instagram to thank his wife Hilaria for helping him through the controversy. 

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  1. This putz has always been an arrogant douche bag and he always will. He is what he is. 👎🏽

  2. This guy is nothing but a vile piece of shit. I don’t know why anyone would want to go see anything this jackass is in

  3. I cannot imagine what the stress that Alec has been suffering. It is way past time for writers to stop looking for ways to trash him.
    Reporters need to write relevant issues not history! Boring now!

  4. Seems fishy – if Baldwin didn’t kill Hutchins, then who did?

    If cars can be remotely controlled, why can’t guns be remotely controlled?

    If a magic bullet from 1 gun could kill Kennedy, seems like a magic bullet from 1 gun killed Hutchins and ALSO injured director Joel Souza.

    And why did someone want Hutchins dead? Maybe another project she was working on?

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