President Biden Almost Falls Down Stairs at G7 Summit (VIDEOS)

Original Article – A confused-looking President Biden had to be gently guided by Japanese leader Fumio Kishida on Friday — before tripping and almost falling down some stairs.

The oldest-ever US president looked confused as first lady Jill Biden led him by the hand to meet his Japanese counterpart and his wife for a photo op in Hiroshima ahead of the Group of Seven summit there.

After shaking Kishida’s hand, Biden, 80, turned his attention to the prime minister’s 58-year-old wife, Fumio Kishida — bizarrely bending over with clenched fists, as if in a boxer’s pose, before also shaking her hand.

Kishida, 65, then began leading the US dignitaries to prearranged spots to pose for photos — eventually jumping in to politely guide Biden to his place as the president shuffled slowly over and looked at the ground in clear confusion as to where he was supposed to stand.

“We’ll figure it out,” the first lady joked as she and their hosts patiently waited for the aging commander-in-chief to work out where he should stand.

Biden finally figured it out, saying a relieved “all right” as he broke into a smile, ready for the group shot.

Later in the day, the gaffe-prone president had his latest mishap on stairs, this time while going down some rather than walking up.

Footage showed him arriving late for a tour of the Itsukushima Shrine, with the other world leaders already starting their tour as Biden slowly emerged from his limo.

After walking slowly toward the others, he stared intently at a set of just eight steps — but still tripped, luckily catching his footing before falling.

He smiled as if it hadn’t happened as he again extended a hand to greet Kishida, who was waiting at the bottom of the steps.

The world leaders posed for a group pic after touring the shrine, with Biden this time appearing to find his spot with relative ease.

Biden’s age — and gaffes — have become a central concern as he runs again for the White House in 2024. He would be 86 at the end of a full second term and has tripped numerous times before, most notably while getting into Air Force One.


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  1. Democrats will vote for him again because they are idiots too. Why? Because they don’t like Trump, who was the best president we’ve ever had in recent times.

    1. Wake me back up when evil Hitlerite/Communist Jokementia Bribery actually does fall down stairs and breaks his crooked neck… saving the USA and planet from further destruction…

  2. This senile pervert is a complete embarrassment other Countries are laughing at us. They are probably thinking this is the best they have to run their Country

    1. Democrats just elected a dead guy and several mentally ill people… all they needed was a ‘D’ after their name guaranteeing more LifeTime Welfare for refuse-to-work-niks and more S.S.I. for 20’s year old junkies… plus more vote buying/’stimulus’/inflation $$$$$$$$$…

  3. No words can be said that will ever justify sending this clown to meet honorable people of Japan.

  4. There are no words to describe how much and how often he manages to embarrass our great nation every time he goes out in public.

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