Celine Dion Reportedly Estranged from Eldest Son as She Still Battles Illness

Original Article – According to Closer, the relationship between Celine Dion and her eldest son René-Charles is more and more complicated, so much so that they allegedly no longer speak to each other.

While she has been facing health problems for the past several months, or even years, the Canadian superstar singer has to face a new hard blow, according to Closer. This time, it appears she is no longer in contact with her eldest son, René-Charles, who is said to have ‘abandoned’ his mother.

Celine Dion is indeed said to be struggling with her eldest son, René-Charles, who is now 22. Although the young man apparently lives only 30 minutes away from his mother’s house, located in Los Angeles, he supposedly never visits her, as Closer states.

It goes even further than this, according to the French magazine, which suggests the singer’s son doesn’t even care about anything to do with his mother anymore.

He doesn’t even care about Celine Dion’s health situation, or about how her career is going.

But why is there so much tension between Celine Dion and René-Charles Angelil? According to revelations made to Closer by a source close to the artist, the superstar is not happy about her son’s girlfriend, Angélique Weckenmann’s influence on him. The source says:

“He sits around all day, taking selfies, acting like a bad boy, and he has no concrete project for his future.”

If this is turns out to be true, as the source remains unknown and unverified, the All by Myself singer could be having a hard time, as she is also dealing with her own health issues.

On the health front, news is apparently not good for Celine Dion either. The situation is believed to be even more and more worrying, according to Closer. The magazine quotes a Québec journalist, Denise Bombardier, who reported on the singer’s health situation:

“Her voice is absolutely not the same as it used to be.”

The journalist went on to talk about Dion’s new songs, which should come out soon, saying her fans might be disappointed:

“It wouldn’t meet her fans’ expectations.”

Denise Bombardier wrote in the Journal de Montréal about how Celine Dion’s late husband would react if he was still alive today:

“From where he is now, he would die a second time (…) The star has lost not only her voice, but above all the support of protectors who could have warned her.”

The Canadian superstar’s late husband, René Angelil, was also her manager from the very beginning of her career, and he died in 2016.

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