NFL Player Threatens U.S. Congressman

Former San Francisco 49ers fullback Bruce Miller appeared to threaten a United States Congressman.

Eric Swalwell, a California Democrat in the House of Representatives, posted a screenshot of a Twitter message where Miller asked if he would prefer Guantanamo [Bay] or execution. Swalwell didn’t appear to know Miller, as he wondered why the account had 54,400 thousand followers.

According to NBC’s Raj Mathai, Swalwell notified U.S. Capitol Police of the death threat.

“My family and staff are deeply disturbed by the threat of execution…apparently by former 49er Bruce Miller,” Swalwell told Miller. “Threats of political violence are unacceptable.” 

The threats are particularly troubling given Miller’s track record.

Miller was arrested in 2015 after destroying a woman’s cell phone during a heated argument. He pleaded no contest to a disturbing the peace misdemeanor. 

The following year, the 49ers released Miller following an arrest for assault and elder abuse. Police say he attacked a 70-year-old man and his 29-year-old son, who were both hospitalized, at a hotel. Video surveillance showed him bloodied and stumbling after the incident.

Miller totaled 798 scrimmage yards and four touchdowns during his career. He spent four seasons out of the NFL before last playing eight games for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2020.

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  1. I am not a fan of the NFL anymore (I hate woke) but what do YOU think should happen to a pubic serpent that is sleeping with a communist spy? America (the republic) use to shoot traitors. Amerika, today, is FULL of traitors (and slaves that don’t know they are slaves). GOD will destroy Amerika

  2. This country used to hang, shoot, or euthanize criminals and that absolutely should be including politicians and others in this country. The democrats and RINOs are flatout in your face doing criminal activity and the media can no longer keep this garbage covered up. It should NOT be up to the taxpayers to pay for this disaster the democrats and RINOs have created!

    Every single one of the democrats, RINOs, FBI, DOJ, BLM, ANTIFA, illegals, Soros and his judges and criminals ALL MUST be brought in by the military, including by force if necessary, and each one of them be tried under the laws set by the founding fathers with appropriate consequences. This is rididulous we have a babbling senile old man making an a– out of himself with his cackling VP who has done ZERO in this country except be a minority mouthpiece! The country is at serious risk of our enemies, especially at the border! His crimes with his family alone should mean a death sentace and be made an example! We must get this country back and secure it! In my sixty years of living I have never seen such a cesspool of a country in my life! It is worse than any third world country!

  3. LMS…… You have not a clue about most things. It’s not the Democrats who are working 24/7 trying to destroy this country. Donald Trump will literally destroy this country if he is put back in the White House in 2024. He has a long list of criminal acts that he has committed, and he is still out walking about with no one holding him accountable for his wrongdoings.

    Trump is a crook….a liar……a rapist…….an out-of-control fascist……… a traitor to the USA ………..and a very stupid man who knows little about most things.

    Biden has brought the country back on all fronts and will continue to do so. He has created over 12 million jobs; has the Covid Pandemic in our rear-view mirror; and has our allies around the world working with us. Look at the Ukraine war ———- NATO has the Russians on the run and the end of the Ukraine War is just around the corner.

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