18-Year-Old Kills 3 and Injures 9 in “Chaotic” New Mexico Shooting

Daily Beast – Police are still working on a motive after a shooting in Farmington, New Mexico Monday that left four dead—including the suspect—and nine others injured.

A gunman “roamed” the streets and fired at least three different weapons during a shooting in Farmington, New Mexico, Monday morning that left at least four dead—including the suspect—and ten others injured, police said, describing it as “one of the most horrific and difficult days” the community had ever seen.

The suspected shooter was an 18-year-old man, who was killed by police in what was described as a “chaotic scene” as he engaged with numerous citizens before his rampage was stopped.

Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe confirmed in an update Monday night that police received multiple calls–at least 9–alerting cops to reports of an active shooter at approximately 10:57 a.m.

The shooting reportedly happened outside of a church on a residential street in the city of about 50,000 residents. Deputy Police Chief Baric Crum said that four officers then confronted the suspect and were “able to stop his actions.”

Gunfire between the shooter and cops was exchanged.

Hebbe said the first officer on scene arrived at 11:02 a.m. and by 11:05 a.m., the suspect had been killed. Officers immediately began transporting and helping the wounded, and they recovered three weapons, including an “AR-style rifle.”

Three citizens were killed, two cops were wounded, and four other citizens were wounded.

A state police officer drove himself to hospital where he remained in a stable condition, Hebbe said. A Farmington officer who was also shot was treated and released.

Crum said the ages of the victims are still unknown; names have also not yet been released. Additionally, he was unsure whether the alleged shooter entered any buildings during the incident, or if he had a prior criminal history.

“The event is difficult to understand, how something like this happens, but we are doing the best that we can to piece through and talk with family members of the suspect, piece through what was going on, look at the evidence to see if we can figure out what the motivation was,” Hebbe said, while adding “at this point it appears to be purely random.”

The teen “roamed” the neighborhood up to a quarter of a mile as he shot up at least six houses and three cars, randomly firing at “whatever entered his head to shoot at,” Hebbe said.

“I don’t even know what to say in an event like this. How do you address it?” Hebbe said, offering his condolences to the families of the victims.

Crum urged anyone with information or evidence to call dispatch at 505-334-6622.

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  1. Ho hum… Just still more of Democrats’ beloved junkies CRIME WAVE of 75 MURDERS DAILY, 500 O.D.s DAILY, plus MILLIONS of OTHER DAILY CRIMES !!!

  2. didn’t give the race of the shooter? must either be White or a white hispanic. If he bes blak, dis ant no H8 crim… move on

  3. “difficult to understand”? when guns, cars, baseball bats, knives, iron pipes and hammers are randomly killing people all the time?

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