Pest Control Worker Caught Peeing All Over Customer’s Living Room (VIDEO)

When you gotta go, you gotta go, as the saying goes. Who cares if you’re a pest control worker who is supposed to be spraying a home for bugs? Actually, Roger Young of Young’s Pest Control did indeed spray the living room — just not via the normal pesticides.

Instead, he used his own … well, “substances.”

Unfortunately for Young, his decision to pee on a family’s couch and floor was caught on an-home camera. Based on the video, he figured that out and gave the appropriate reaction.

Before peeing all over the home, Young chased around the cat, the recording revealed.

We don’t know why. Perhaps he felt as if the cat qualified as a pest. Perhaps he then peed to mark his territory. Perhaps none of this makes sense.

Anyway, all of this took place in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. Young, 67, was hired by the Haida Village Apartments to help control pests. It seemed like the apartment complex was providing him with regular work.

So it makes you wonder if this is the first time he peed on someone’s couch — or if it is just the first time he got caught.

Young was eventually arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal mischief. Police aid when they asked why he did, his response was that he was “having a bad day and was sick of people.”

In other words, he may have been pissed off.


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  1. I hope he is made to paid to pay for everything he ruined. And the family got a new apartment.

  2. Disgusting pervert. No telling how many times he did this. I hope nobody ever hires him again.

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