Susan Sarandon Arrested at N.Y. Capitol

Susan Sarandon was arrested at the New York state Capitol in Albany on Monday after she protested in support of fair wages for restaurant workers.

The Oscar winner and political activist, 76, was among eight people — including former New York lieutenant governor candidate Ana Maria Archila — who were taken into custody, Spectrum News 1 Albany reported.

Sarandon and the others were booked, issued appearance tickets and released, according to WNYT-TV

The Thelma & Louise actress went to Albany to push for legislation that would increase the minimum wage of tipped restaurant workers, according to Politico NY.

New York leaders are set to increase the state’s minimum wage to $17 an hour, but nonprofit One Fair Wage says tipped workers are excluded from the legislation.

When a similar wage increase happened in 2016, workers suffered a 25% decline in income, per Politico.

Sarandon’s activism is nothing new. The actress has pledged support to a number of political causes over the years.

Just last week, she marched in support of writers in New York during the writers’ strike.

In 2018, she was arrested while protesting Donald Trump‘s immigration policy in Washington D.C. on Thursday.

During the protest, which was organized by the Women’s March and the Center for Popular Democracy, Sarandon joined hundreds of women to demand that all migrant families separated by Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy be reunited.

The protest culminated in a sit-in at the Hart Senate Office building, during which many of the protesters wrapped themselves in foil blankets, reminiscent of the silver blankets migrant children have been seen with in photos taken from detention centers.

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  1. Who the F cares what this old woke POS has to say about anything. She just wants some attention

  2. Susan, you really are as dumb as rocks! I highly encourage you to go back to college and take finance classes and learn what happens when you increase salaries? Companies pass thise costs onto the consumer! why don’t you start giving your fortune away to make up for all the money the taxpayers have had to pay out due to grandpa senile destroying this country!

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