“Armed and Dangerous” Man Escapes Detention Facility (VIDEO)

Kentucky law enforcement officials are searching for an “armed and dangerous” man who escaped from a facility on Wednesday.

Kyle Aaron Skaggs allegedly escaped from a Kentucky facility on Wednesday and is considered “armed and dangerous,” according to the Fleming County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials in Kentucky did not disclose what Skaggs had been charged with in their press release about the escape. Information about Skaggs was not available on Kentucky’s public inmate database.

The Fleming County Sheriff’s Office and Kentucky State Police did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

The escape follows several notable inmate escapes across the United States.

Law enforcement in Philadelphia are still searching for two inmates who escaped from a correctional facility Friday night, including an inmate charged with multiple counts of murder.

Two inmates in Virginia escaped from a Virginia correctional facility on April 30 before being captured.

Four inmates escaped from a Missippissi jail in April, resulting in a two-week manhunt. Two inmates were captured by law enforcement, one was killed in a shootout, and another was found dead in a vehicle.

One of the inmates is believed to have killed an innocent bystander who pulled over to help after a motorcycle accident.

This is a developing story.


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  1. they have no problem hanging onto peaceful protesters from the non-riot on Jan. 6th. Strange how that happens…. defund the GESTAPO

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