Jennifer Lawrence Says Filming with THESE Stars was “Absolute Misery”

As it turns out, though, an action-comedy about a giant meteor hurtling towards Earth wasn’t all fun and games. Who’d have thought?

The star-studded movie arrived on Netflix in December 2021, hot off the heels of the coronavirus pandemic and worldwide lockdowns.

The timing of the movie meant that filming marked the first time some of the stars had really had contact with other humans in a long time, and according to Lawrence, that was a recipe for disaster.

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Lawrence recalled filming one scene from the movie which involved herself, Chalamet and DiCaprio all driving in a car together.

I imagine there’s a lot of people who would kill to have been a passenger in that vehicle, but Lawrence made clear she isn’t one of them. In fact, she described it as the ‘most annoying day of [her] life’.

“They drove me crazy that day. I don’t know what it was,” she told Colbert.

Leonardo DiCaprio apparently annoyed Jennifer Lawrence with his music taste. Credit: Netflix

The Hunger Games star continued: “Timothée was just excited to be out of the house, I think it was his first scene. And Leo had picked the song that was playing in the car and was just like, ‘You know, this song is about blah, blah, blah.'”

Lawrence assured both of the stars are ‘very nice’, but added: “I don’t know. I just remember being in absolute misery that day.”

DiCaprio and Chalamet weren’t the only actors Lawrence struggled to work with on the movie, as she’s also told Vanity Fair that Hill made filming ‘really hard’ – but not because he was being annoying.

She explained “It was really, really hard filming with Jonah, and just not ruining take after take, laughing. We one time dedicated an entire day to him just improv-ing insults at me. It was amazing.”

“I mean, he’s [Hill’s] a master, he’s a comedic master. I mean we all did some [improv], just not as well as Jonah,” Lawrence added.

Despite her struggles with some of her co-stars, Lawrence told Colbert she was ‘of course’ starstruck on the set of the movie, which also featured appearances from Mark Rylance, Ariana Grande, Cate Blanchett and Chris Evans.

She joked that she ‘felt like garbage’ among the stars, adding: “I was like, ‘Don’t worry about it, you don’t have to talk to me!’ But yeah, that was amazing.”


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