Lionel Richie Makes HUGE Mistake While Meeting Queen Camilla at Royal Garden Party

Lionel Richie was pictured having a friendly chat with Queen Camilla but royal fans quickly spotted he made a huge blunder.

The singer was a special guest at King Charles’ garden party that he held on Wednesday at Buckingham Palace ahead of the Coronation.

Thousands of people enjoyed the event at the Palace where they were able to bask in sunshine and some had the chance to meet Charles and Camilla.

Richie will be performing at the weekend’s Coronation Concert and he was seen talking with Camilla on the lawn.

But he made the faux pas of extending his arm to shake the hand of the royal and then a couple of times gently patted her on the arm.

In royal etiquette the person needs to wait for the royal to move to shake their hand and touching a member of the Royal Family is not allowed.

Paul Gauger, of VisitBritain, told Good Morning America, that it is important to wait until the royal extends their arm for a handshake.

He said, reported ABCNews: “You shouldn’t touch a member of the royal family. You should always wait for them to extend their hand to you and with that handshake, just be nice and gentle,” he said. “If she doesn’t extend her hand it’s not a sign of disrespect and that’s where you might enter into conversation.”

Donald Trump memorably appeared to break with protocol during a state banquet as he placed his hand on the late Queen’s back, during a visit as US president in 2019.

Trump had delivered his speech to the 170 guests in the ballroom when he gestured towards the Monarch and touched her while she stood to his toast.

The late Queen seemed unfazed by the action as she toasted his words.

Meanwhile the Prince and Princess of Wales were seen arriving at Westminster Abbey with their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis ready for a Coronation rehearsal this morning.

They joined King Charles, Queen Camila and Princess Anne for the run through of Saturday’s historical event.

The whole family looked relaxed and happy as they arrived, chatting to members of the church at the front door before heading inside.

George was dressed in a blue suit while Charlotte, who celebrated her eighth birthday yesterday, wore a blue dress and cardigan. Camilla arrived in a car with two of her grandchildren, who will have starring roles in the Coronation.

The rehearsal came just hours after a man was arrested outside Buckingham Palace after allegedly shouting “I’m going to kill the King” and throwing shotgun cartridges into the grounds.

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