Missing Fisherman Feared Eaten in Crocodile Attack (VIDEO)

Rescuers are desperately hunting for a missing fishermen who is feared to have been dragged into a remote river and eaten by a crocodile.

The man was fishing on the banks of the Kennedy River in far north Queensland, Australia around 5: 30 pm on Friday when campers heard a scream and commotion from the direction of the river.

Police and emergency crews have commenced a frantic search with a rescue helicopter sent from Cairns, 400km away.

The search for the missing man will continue through the night, with the SES joining the search at first light on Sunday.

It comes three weeks after a crocodile attacked a man at Cooktown in Queensland’s far north.

The croc latched onto the 36-year-old man at Archer Point but he managed to escape its grasp.

He was transported to Cairns Hospital with injuries to his arms, head, and leg.

Earlier on Friday a crocodile snatched a dog from a beach in north Queensland. 

The pooch was dragged under at a Cape York beach in a confronting video.

The large saltwater crocodile was seen sneaking up on the pair as they sat oblivious to its presence. 

The predator then flung the dog into the air before it turned back into the water as the larger dog ran for its life – narrowly avoiding the croc’s jaws.

Both animals disappeared out of sight after the crocodile was seen jolting its head to get a better grasp of the dog.


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  1. I think they should be used for belts, bags, luggage and shoes. They are too vicious and run too free around populated areas. These attacks have become too frequent.

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