Megyn Kelly Attacked by “The View” Co-host Sunny Hostin

Former Fox News star Megyn Kelly didn’t take too kindly to The View’s Sunny Hostin talking smack about her and decided to fire back on Wednesday.

Discussing a Tucker Carlson producer’s lawsuits against Fox, which describe a culture of sexism and harassment, Hostin brought up her own brief stint as a Fox News contributor. “That was my job was to be on Bill O’Reilly’s show and argue with Megyn Kelly about those points. I think I bested her most of the time,” Hostin declared before adding: “I think that that is business as usual at Fox News.”

Linking to a writeup of Hostin’s remarks, Kelly returned fire with a snarky social-media post: “Yes @sunny, that is what led Fox to give you your own show and then elevate you to the primetime where you built the #1 show in cable and also became part of the network’s presidential debate team. Oh wait,” the ex-Fox News host tweeted

Kelly left Fox News in 2017 for NBC, which she departed two years later after her show was canceled amid backlash over her comments about blackface. And while Kelly is now a podcast host for SiriusXM, Hostin currently co-hosts the most-watched daytime talk show on network TV.

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  1. I find it hard to believe these old hags have the number one show Hostin is nothing but a racist a hole

  2. The View was number one, and none of the cows were invited to the Emmey awards? that doesn’t a lick of sense!

  3. Do people stillwatch thpse nasty opinionatede old biddies on the view No compassion or respecting other “view”points

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