Hollywood Actor Unrecognizable as He Transforms for Talk Show Appearance

“Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston rocked a brand-new look during a chat show appearance earlier this week.

The Hollywood star was unrecognizable as he appeared on The Tonight Show to be interviewed by Jimmy Fallon, donning a blond wig and a pair of sunglasses to help him transform his image.

Known for his huge role as terminally ill drug-dealer Walter White on hit series Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston looked world’s away from his character and his usual self.

The Emmy award winner, 67, changed into costume on the show for a bit where he got on stage and danced while DJing – completely disguising his appearance.

He donned sunglasses, a blond wig, fake chest hair and a pink shiny jacket for the skit as he and Jimmy danced for the studio audience.

The actor’s hilarious get up was inspired by a famous singer songwriter, who Bryan had said he’d like to play in a biopic in a previous interview.

Chatting to Jimmy when probed on the topic previously, he said: “I think I resemble him, I’m old and craggy.

“So yeah, I think I can do Willie Nelson.”

Jimmy persuaded Bryan to don a Willie Nelson inspired wig and bandana in another funny bit, much to the delight of the laughing and cheering studio audience.

The looks are worlds away from his famous character’s statement style.

Walter White appeared with a bald head, glasses and groomed facial hair for the whole of the Breaking Bad series.

Meanwhile Bryan boasts thick dark grey hair in real life and has a long moustache and is spectacle-free.

Elsewhere in his Tonight Show interview, it was revealed that a pair of tighty-whitey underwear from Breaking Bad recently went up for auction and sold for $32,500.

Despite the pair being used as set decoration and never actually being worn by Bryan, they still fetched the absurd price.

The actor pointed out the pair was never actually worn and joked with Jimmy: “The ones that are soiled go for much higher.”

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