Meghan Markle Made Ex Husband Sign a Pregnancy Contract to Guard Her Acting Career

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, wife to Prince Harry and frontrunner of Megxit, has always had an element of intrigue about her. Be it because of her former profession, which granted her the privilege to steal hearts through her performance. And Markle did just that on Suits.

However, she managed to weave in a plot twist that the writers of the show could never have made possible by marrying Prince Harry. While at first, it was the marriage with a foreign actress aspect that had the nation in shock, the fact that Markle is a divorcee only added to it.

The shock waves did not die down a year after the marriage when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their first pregnancy. Netizens, who were on guard with the foreign entry, were thrown off by a revelation about her pregnancy with her former husband, Trever Engelson.

Meghan Markle and Trevor Engelson’s shocking pregnancy contract

As the Sussexes were hoping to celebrate the good news with the royal family, another shocking detail about Meghan Markle’s life before royalty was revealed. The shocking aspect mostly pertained to those who expected her to be a milk-washed princess sitting on a pedestal. A source told Daily Mail that she had a ‘pregnancy contract’ for her ex-husband. “She demanded a personal trainer and nutritionist during and after the pregnancy,” they said. The clauses, considering the fact that she was an actress who finally earned her big break, are totally normal.

The source went on to reveal how Markle has body issues because it is in her genes to easily gain fat. This was one of the major reasons behind the pregnancy contract. However, the legitimacy of this statement or proof of this contract is yet to be revealed. But it leaves open for a question whether the former actress had a similar clause with current husband during the two pregnancies they shared since they tied the knot.

Do the Sussexes have a pregnancy contract?

The revelation of Meghan Markle being too conscious about her body fluctuating during pregnancy seems false with how gracefully she carried Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.

The Duchess of Sussex’s maternity looks were not only a masterclass in fashion but also confidence. While it has not been revealed if Meghan Markle forced the same contract on Prince Harry, the Duke has a few conditions himself.

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  1. This is not even interesting. Who cares about Megnut? She didn’t ‘steal any hearts’ either.

  2. megan is not worth bothering with Harry was foolish to marry a person of such low quality

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