Girl Stabbed 30 Times as Revenge for Telling Teacher About Bullying

Two teens knifed a 12-year-old to death in the forest in Germany in a revenge slaying for telling their teacher they were bullying her.

Luise F, whose full name is withheld in line with Germany’s privacy laws, was one of the girls’ best friends, but their friendship turned sour when she made fun of one of their family members.

She had reportedly been picked on by the girls for months, but they regularly got the bus together and were in the same class in school.

The victim was at the house of her former best friend in Hohenhain, a village near Freudenberg, on March 11 but failed to return to her own house.

Her parents desperately tried to contact her, but she didn’t pick up her phone.

Some hours later, her panicked mum and dad contacted the police and reported her missing.

After launching a massive search, cops found the body of the 12-year-old in woodland close to an abandoned train station around 1.2 miles from her home.

At post-mortem, a pathologist found she had bled out, which is listed as her cause of death.

The new bullying allegations were original reported in the German daily, Bild.

It’s currently unknown why she decided to meet with the two bullies after being picked on so badly, it has been reported.

On March 14, senior public prosecutor Mario Mannweiler said: “The investigations carried out so far confirm the suspicion that the girl was the victim of a homicide.”

There were vast differences between the two girls’ version of events.

Florian Locker, a detective for the homicide department, said: “The children then admitted to the crime. Their statements could also be supported by evidence.”

Both girls are under the age of criminal responsibility in Germany, but have been taken away from their families and are now living in a state-run facility.

The older suspect, who is 13 years old, was the victim’s best friend and had been at her home on the day she was killed. =

Detectives say she forced the 12-year-old suspect to also take part.

Prosecutor Mario Mannweiler said: “What may be a motive for a child to commit a deed may not necessarily be apparent to an adult.”

But after the post-mortem, and the stunning number of stab wounds, Mr Mannweiler added that it was probable “some emotions played a role”.

Following the shocking crime, the two teens went back to the older suspect’s home, where the younger of the pair was picked up by her father.

The 13-year-old then contacted the victim’s parents to tell her she’d left to return home.

Speaking to local media, Mr Mannweiler added: “We are now placing this case in the hands of the youth authorities.”

The police are still searching for the murder weapon as the investigation continues.

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  1. Bad seed???? The older child that influenced 5be younger to go along with this murder must be monitored forever in my opinion. She is obviously a danger to the general,public and will just get worse!!!
    The younger assasin will need a great deal of pychological help for years to come in my opinion. She will always carry 5his with her.
    How sad.
    The teacher had the opportunity to end this and didn’t. She will also carry guilt forever..

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