CNN’s Anderson Cooper Refusing to Help Don Lemon

Don Lemon has become so toxic at CNN following his sexist comments about certain women not being in their “prime” that even his pal Anderson Cooper is staying away.

“Anderson wants nothing to do with Don anymore. People inside CNN run when they see Don coming down the hallway,” squealed the source. “No one wants to end up on the wrong side when Don messes up again — and he will! He’s a ticking time bomb.”

The 57-year-old CNN This Morning anchor sparked a firestorm over the past several months following his controversial move from primetime to daytime television.

According to sources, Lemon’s ego was bruised when Chris Licht forced him to leave his own show to co-host with two less experienced anchors — Kaitlan Collins, 30, and Poppy Harlow, 40.

As reported, Lemon faced major backlash after he age-shamed presidential hopeful Nikki Haley, 51, by claiming women are in their prime in their 20s, 30s, and maybe 40s. His female co-host Poppy was so upset with his comment that she stormed off the stage when they went to break.

But that isn’t the only blunder he’s endured since taking on the CNN This Morning position.

Don sparked an in-house war when he “screamed” at Collins, accusing her of “interrupting” him during their December 8 broadcast. While the temper tantrum happened off-air, several staffers were left “shaken” after witnessing the incident.

Collins reportedly wants to work with Lemon as little as possible following the blowup.

This outlet exclusively revealed that Don had a second outburst after learning his argument with Collins made the CNN newsletter.

“Don lost his mind internally and went ballistic at staffers after the CNN newsletter highlighted a story about him screaming,” an insider shared.

While Licht failed to punish Lemon for his outburst on Collins, the CNN anchor was forced to undergo “formal training” after he age-shamed women — but was back on the air a few short days later. has also learned that Lemon’s career isn’t the only thing hanging by a thread lately.

Sources claimed the stress of Lemon’s job is threatening his romance with fiancé Tim Malone.

“He knows he’s got to step up the pampering and spoiling and generally be more pleasant to be around, but it’s been tough,” shared the insider. “He hates his job and is taking it out on a lot of people including his co-workers and Tim.”

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  1. It’s good to see, and good to hear, these rich! Entitled anchors do get what they spew out there, and proves that there only human when they mess up big time!

  2. Can’t believe all that you read! Embarrassed to read what some people’s’ (loosely used) terminology. Duh! Now look who are the fringe? Just sayin’.

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