28 Girls Hospitalized After Playing with Ouija Boards

Nearly 30 schoolgirls have been hospitalized with anxiety attacks after allegedly playing with Ouija boards at their school in Colombia.

“There were 28 possible cases of anxiety in school students,” said Hugo Torres, head of the Galeras Educational Institution in Galeras, where the incident took place, per Jam Press.

According to the outlet, alarm bells went off after the girls reportedly suffered signs of fainting, anxiety and other symptoms at school. They were subsequently admitted to a municipal hospital accompanied by parents and school faculty.

Info on the students’ diagnoses has yet to be released, however many parents blame the in-school use of Ouija boards, a Jumanji-esque pursuit that uses a sliding pointer to spell out messages in a mysterious way. Created in the US in 1886, Ouija boards have become a fixture in occult lore due to their alleged ability to communicate with the dead.

A pic of one of the allegedly affected students.
Students’ symptoms included anxiety and fainting.

“I work here in a hospital kiosk and every day I see three or four children arrive after fainting,” exclaimed one mother. “Parents, you have to move, investigate what’s happening at school, because our children cannot continue in this situation.”

She added, “Our children always have a good breakfast and it cannot be said that what’s happening is due to lack of food.”

However, Torres has since accused community members of stoking hysteria by spreading unfounded rumors. “Given the reported cases, a series of comments were unleashed on the community that, rather than helping to resolve the situation, led to confusion and an adverse environment for our work,” he said.

“The school is waiting for the medical diagnoses to provide further reliable information,” explained Torres, who implored the community to avoid making “early judgments and diagnoses of their own” in the interim.

It is unclear when the school plans to update the public on the students’ condition while authorities have not confirmed whether a police investigation is underway.

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  1. I was exposed to a Ouija Board once..it was just a fun thing..until what it ‘said’ came true…Never again!..Way too creepy.

  2. You do NOT want to mess with that stuff. The spiritual world might be unseen to our eyes, but I can assure you it is VERY real! There are Godly entities and satanic ones. Leave everything having to do with the occult, wicca, witchcraft, voodoo, fortune tellers, tarot cards, etc. ALONE. You WILL eventually pay dearly for opening the wrong doors to evil. Jesus Is the only source of protection and power you need. Give your life to Him today!

  3. Demons are real. The spirit world is real. I used to be intrigued with the Ouija board, but I was young and ignorant. Satan needs an entryway, and believe me, this is an open door whereas he & his cohorts can and will wreak havoc in your life. Does anyone remember the movie, “The Exorcist?”
    The babysitter brought a Ouija board to the house, and that was used to entertain the child. It was a disaster. Unexplainable things began to happen, the child became demon possessed, and the rest is history.

  4. It has been many years since I used a board and the it was with my youngest daughter. I wanted to ask my grandmother something regarding the length of time to make grape jelly. I don’t understand the process but at the time the board told me the best length of time to stir the pot! It was right.
    I read that this is not a game and should be approached with respect or it could be dangerous.

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