Young Mom Dies Hours After Getting Liposuction at a Shopping Center

A Venezuelan mother tragically died following a liposuction procedure performed at a shopping center.

The fiasco occurred Sunday night after Ana Rosa Mavarez Rivero, 31, reported to a clinic located in the Marina Plaza Shopping Center in her hometown of Cumaná (Sucre), Ultimas Noticias reported.

She had undergone a laser liposuction procedure, also known as lipo laser, in which surgeons use a laser to trim fat, shape the body and sculpt cellulite, Jam Press reported.

The procedure is generally considered less traumatic and invasive than the standard procedure.

However, due to an oxygen shortage at the hospital, they were still waiting for an emergency vehicle at 2:45 a.m. “I’m filming in Cumaná and we can’t get an ambulance,” a family member said in a clip describing the nightmarish scenario. “Ven911 doesn’t have oxygen so we can’t get out of here.”

Rivero finally made it to the hospital, where she was admitted without vital signs, local media reported.

The poor woman was officially pronounced dead at 4 a.m.

Following the tragedy, authorities have begun investigating the doctor responsible for the procedure, identified as Alexander Larrochele.

He will reportedly be questioned by the Criminal and Forensic Scientific Investigation Corps for 45 days while authorities probe the incident.

Rivero’s not the first person to die from a liposuction procedure gone awry.

Last January, a mother of two perished following a botched $6,500 fat-trimming procedure in Spain, which reportedly left her with “injuries like she’d been in a knife fight.”

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