Amy Robach’s Plan to Expose “GMA” Co-Workers

Amy Robach was planning the ultimate revenge if she got axed from Good Morning America over the scandalous affair with co-host T.J. Holmes by writing a blow-the-lid-off, tell-all book.

Sources snitched the ex-morning show anchor, 49, was lining up who her real friends were when her messy romance with T.J. was under review by ABC — and they didn’t include GMA stars George Stephanopoulos, Lara Spencer, Ginger Zee, or Robin Roberts.

“Amy’s being defiant and smiling in the face of the firing squad at ABC,” spilled an insider before the embattled lovers were paid out to leave their highly-coveted positions on GMA3.

The source warned that Amy knows all the skeletons in the network’s closet and could have used that as ammo — IF she didn’t get what she wanted during the exit meeting.

“Amy knows the ins and outs of that place and who did what to whom, and she means to take it public,” they said.

As reported, Amy and T.J. left ABC on January 27, with Robach scoring a “bigger settlement” than her lover.

But before landing her massive payday, Amy was allegedly singling out the turncoats, especially Roberts, who was reportedly “furious” at the unwelcome “distraction” Robach and T.J.’s scandalous affair shined on the network.

Although her rep insisted she had no intention of spilling the beans, the well-placed insider blabbed that Amy wanted “to make her [Robin] pay” for “icing her out” in her time of need.

Before the scandal broke, Amy taunted her co-stars about her behind-the-scenes knowledge.

In an interview with The Morning Show actress Reese Witherspoon, Amy joked that she could give the actress “a few more plot lines” for the fictional Apple+ show based on GMA.

“She wasn’t joking when she said she could dish dirt,” the insider said. “She’s got a ton!”

Despite being supplied with plenty of secrets to take her former co-workers down, Amy allegedly put the tell-all on pause after walking away with the lump sum — a payout that sources said Robin should thank ABC for.

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