Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Fox News for “Embarrassing” Obsession (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel says Fox News must be looking for a distraction after newly released court documents revealed that the network knew it was lying to viewers by repeating Donald Trump’s claims of election fraud.

“Whenever they get cornered, they turn to an old friend to distract: Artificial outrage,” Kimmel said. “First it was the green M&M, then it was the gender-neutral Mr. Potato Head, and now the latest threat to America is disabled-friendly Legos.”

The right-wing network is very angry that the Lego Friends line will include characters with disabilities.

Kimmel told them to just chill already.

“Guys, here’s an idea: Instead of constantly bitching about these products, make your own things,” he said. “Make your own homophobic potato dudes, or your angry white guy breakfast cereals, little plastic bricks to build a wall around a sombrero, do whatever you want ― because I have some Fox News for you: You’re embarrassing yourselves.”

Then he played a supercut video of Fox News and Fox Business hosts guests griping about things going “woke.”


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