Flight Attendant Dies Moments After Plane Lands at Airport

Greta Dyrmishi, 24, was working for Air Albania when the tragedy occurred in December as the airplane she was working on landed at Stansted airport.

As per the Daily Mail, Dyrmishi was working on a flight traveling from the Albanian capital, Tirana, to Essex on December 21. Medical staff attempted to revive her using CPR but it was to no avail, and she was sadly pronounced dead.

After initially collapsing, two ambulances, a hazardous area response team vehicle, an ambulance officer vehicle, and Essex and Herts Air Ambulance responded to the scene at the airport.

A post-mortem on the 24-year-old revealed that she died from sudden adult death syndrome, and a coroner has revealed that her death will be subject to a full inquest.

Michelle Brown, area coroner for Essex, said via the Daily Mail: “This 24-year-old female was cabin crew on a flight from Albania and was on the tarmac when she appeared to faint and was given basic first aid.

“Ten minutes later there was no pulse and CPR commenced. Paramedics treated her and confirmed she had passed away. A post-mortem found her cause of death to be sudden adult death syndrome.”

Sudden Adult Death syndrome, also known as Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS), is when somebody dies from a sudden cardiac arrest, but the cause of it cannot be found, per the British Heart Foundation.

Around 200,000 Americans die from a sudden cardiac arrest each year, with around 4,000 deaths of children and young adults being linked to SADS, per the Cleveland Clinic.

Despite social media speculation that the Covid-19 vaccine leads to an increased risk of cardiac arrest, there is currently no evidence that supports this claim, as reported by Full Fact.

Following Dyrmishi’s tragic death, Air Albania issued the following statement: “On December 21, after disembarking the passengers from our flight to London, one of our cabin crew Greta Dyrmishi had a heart attack.

“Even after all medical assistance was provided immediately, we still lost her. She was taken to the hospital in London, and procedures were being followed. From the first moments, Air Albania contacted her family, and we continue to be close to them in these difficult moments.

“In respect to Greta and her family, we decided to share the news with the public at the appropriate time. We will always remember Greta as a passionate professional, an excellent co-worker, and a great friend to all of us.”

The statement concluded: “May God mercy her and give peace to the family. Air Albania will continue to be with her family.”

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  1. “Full Fact, just like Snopes, Politifact, & Other Fact Checkers are Liberal Mouthpieces.
    A healthy 24-year-old would had “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”?

    Sudden Adult Death Syndrome = Covid Poison Shot
    On the contrary. There is a LOT of information to support this claim.

  2. Funny. I’ve been an RN for 27 years and NEVER heard the term Sudden Adult Death Syndrome before covid. Hmmm…🙄

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