Russell Crowe Refused Entry into Restaurant for Appearance

The pair had worked up quite an appetite after a tennis session and were eager for a spot of lunch when they were turned away due to their attire.

According to the eating establishment, the couple’s apparel was not permitted at the Australian restaurant.

The couple first met on the set of Broken City back in 2013, yet were only confirmed as dating after being seen together on a tennis court back in November 2020.

Since then, the pair have been photographed playing tennis together several times throughout their three-year relationship.

However, it’s clear that not everybody shares the same affinity for the game – and the apparel attached to it.

Not even Maximus himself was able to make it through the restaurant’s strict door policy, after the celebrity couple were denied a table at the Melbourne restaurant.

The pair were after some fuel following a sweaty tennis match last Friday (17 February) with perspiration levels at a peak after the city’s temperature reached a high of 37 degrees.

Crowe’s manager Grant Vandenberg told Daily Mail Australia they were turned away after trying to grab ‘a quick bite to eat’.

Vanderberg added: “He went there wearing a brand new Ralph Lauren polo having just played a game of tennis and was turned away.”

It seems that trainers, sports gear and a baseball cap didn’t quite cut it at Japanese-fusion restaurant Mr Miyagi.

The official website for the restaurant explains that it is a ‘playful spin’ on the food and flavours of Japan before dubbing the venue ‘casual but fancy’.

Clearly, the post-tennis get-up that Crowe and Theriot were donning did not pass for ‘fancy’.

The restaurant request diners stick to a ‘smart casual dress code’ of which work gear and active wear definitely do not adhere to.

Taking the awkward rejection in their stride, Crowe and Theriot simply opted to dine elsewhere for a lunch, the news outlet reports.

However, the swanky Japanese fusion joint clearly had no idea who exactly they were turning away.

The owner of the restaurant, Kristian Klein, told The Sydney Morning Herald that the dress-code was a difficult one to enforce before revealing that the staff member who turned the Gladiator star away did not recognise the actor before them.

Eager to make amends for the mishap, the restaurant owner added: “We’d love for him to come to dinner, we’d love to have him back.”

Klein called the ordeal a ‘very unfortunate situation for everybody’.

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