Fans Rally Around “Fixer Upper” Star Joanna Gaines

It’s been an emotional time for Joanna Gaines! The Fixer Upper queen and mother of five has been opening up with her fans and sharing more of her personal story, and the response has been overwhelming.

In recent months, Joanna recovered from back surgery, she and her husband Chip celebrated a nostalgic milestone, she shared very personal stories from her memoir, The Stories We Tell, on her podcast. Now she’s revealing a tear-jerking moment about her oldest son, Drake, who turned 18 last year.

In a new video on Instagram, Joanna reads a particularly emotional passage from her memoirShe talks about the first time her son Drake drove away by himself. She admits “there were a lot of tears.” Joanna continues, “It hurts to see my son leave in such an obvious display of what it looks like to grow out of us.” Anyone who has parented teenagers can relate to her feelings, but Joanna offers an uplifting perspective.

After her son drove away, Joanna came back inside to find her youngest son, 4-year-old Crew, waiting for her to play with him as if nothing had changed. She says, “The light softened, my heart swelled, and at that moment I knew how essential that rhythm is, to lose and then gain, to have and to hold, only to let go. It was a gift of perspective….it was this beautiful and gracious reminder of the bigger picture. Showing me that highs follow lows, that sorrow and joy can go hand in hand. And that letting go reveals what else our arms are made to carry.”

Joanna’s fans flooded her with supportive comments:

  • “You’re such a gifted writer and your story resonates with so much love 💗”
  • “How did you even read that without crying 😭 😭😭😭”
  • “I’m not gonna lie, I had some tears 😢listening to this ❤️”
  • “So beautiful and so true❤️”

Joanna’s fans can always count on her to be authentic, and we appreciate this refreshing perspective.


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