Fans Left Speechless by 42-Year-Old Gisele Bundchen at Brazil’s Carnival

Gisele Bündchen may have found the secret to remaining young forever. Often regarded as one of the most successful models in the industry, Bündchen’s grace and humility have made her all the more beloved. Last year was a roller coaster ride for the model. Easing back into the industry while juggling a public divorce may not have been the easiest of tasks.

In light of the chaos that followed her split from the NFL legend Tom Brady, the model headed back to her home country to enjoy the ‘World’s Biggest Party.’ The Rio Carnival is known worldwide for its music, costumes, and elaborate floats. Heading to the Carnival on her own, Bündchen’s social media sneak peeks have left fans stunned. Alongside that, a comparison of Bündchen from 20 years ago has left them dumbstruck. So, what’s the fuss about?

Gisele Bündchen has stayed forever young

Gisele Bündchen looks like she hasn’t aged a single day in the last two decades. Almost twenty years ago, the model sported white pants and a red cropped top at the Carnival. This year, she brought back the pants with a black top of the same style.

On both occasions, the model wore a top with the logo of the Brazilian beer brand, ‘Brahma.’

ExtraTV on Instagram posted a collage of her two looks. Despite the pictures being taken nearly twenty years apart, Bündchen looked nothing short of stunning. This comparison will perhaps urge fans to seriously consider some of the model’s holistic practices. Fans couldn’t keep calm as they took in the model’s outfit and toned frame. Here’s what they had to say.

Fans gushed over Bündchen’s youthfulness

While several fans excitedly gushed about the model, some made several references to her ex-husband.

One fan exclaimed, “Good for her! She’s in her 40s. Best decade!”

Another user thought, “She looks better now 🔥🔥”

One fan said, “If anything she looks younger.”

Another user thoughtfully said, “I mean …”

The appreciative comments kept pouring in, “She looks incredible 👏”

This user made the right observation as Brady was with their children back in the States. “I guess Tom had the kids.”Another fan took a shot at the QB, “Tom ain’t in her life that’s why”

While Bündchen enjoys her time in Brazil, Tom Brady and the former couple’s children are also enjoying their time together. The QB recently adopted two cats after being persuaded by his daughter Vivian. Despite their public split, Brady’s and Bündchen’s commitment to creating the best environment for their children hasn’t wavered. Despite the tension that followed their split, the couple’s cooperation is truly admirable.

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  1. She is a self-proclaimed witch and likes to cast and conjure spells. No kidding. Even Brady talked about how she’d do a ceremony and cast a spell before his games to help him.

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