Rob Gronkowski’s Girlfriend Explains Why They Skipped the Super Bowl (VIDEO)

While there were several stars in the stands at this year’s Super Bowl, NFL star Rob Gronkowski and girlfriend Camille Kostek were not among them.

The couple skipped the Big Game on Sunday despite being in Arizona. And it had everything to do with his Super Bowl LVII commercial.

“He shot the first-ever live Super Bowl commercial for FanDuel. He had that kick of destiny,” Kostek, 30, told Entertainment Tonight at the Outer Banks season 3 premiere Thursday night. “[It was] a thirty second spot, [so] we had to shoot right over [the game].

Gronkowski’s ad for the sports betting company saw the tight end kick a live field goal from the 25 yard line in a promotional stunt during the game’s third quarter. If he made the field goal, then FanDuel would give away $10 million in free bets to those who already had money on the game. (The company wound up giving away the money anyway even though Gronkowski ended up missing the kick.)

Referring to filming the spot, Kostek recalled, “It was a lot of stress, but congrats to the Chiefs!”

Gronkoswki, 30, echoed the sentiment leading up to the game, telling ET co-host Kevin Frazier on the CBS special, Super Bowl Greatest Commercials: Battle of the Decades, that he was worried about failing the kick and letting everyone down.

“This kick is for America,” Gronkowski said. “This is $10 million for all my fans out there. This is a kick of destiny. I gotta kick this right through the goal post for America.”

The four-time Super Bowl-winning star pointed out that his experience in the NFL hasn’t included kicking the ball. “I’ve been doing it all my life — catching a football,” said Gronkowski, admitting he hasn’t “kicked a football” in years.

“I haven’t kicked a football since seven years ago in a practice, so this is more nerve-racking than playing in a Super Bowl game,” he said.


Last month, the Gronkowski said in his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that his infamous partying actually made him a better football player.

“Yes, in ways,” the former NFL player told Jimmy Fallon when asked if he really believed that to be the case. “I’ve always said that.”

“I’m from Buffalo, we love to have a good time, we love to do crazy things,” Gronkowski continued. “It makes me better if I party. I’m a better player out on the field.”

“I’m carrying my friends throughout the bar, I’m holding them up, I’m lifting them, I’m curling them,” he said with a smile while demonstrating to Fallon how he’d carry his pals on a party night. “They’re on my back, I’m jumping up and down, I’m dancing the whole time, kinda like Austin Butler — I’m gyrating the whole time — and then I realized, that translated to the football field.”

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