Hunter Biden Begged His Cousin to Set Him Up with Billionaire Heiress

Hunter Biden once begged his cousin to hook him up with Nicola Peltz in an effort to help him “break free” from his sister-in-law-turned-lover Hallie Biden, reports show.

In the latest cache of emails and text messages to be recovered from President Joe Biden’s son’s abandoned “laptop from hell,” Hunter allegedly gave his younger cousin Caroline Biden the task of setting him up with Peltz in 2019.

At the time of the conversation, Peltz was only 24 years old while Hunter was 49.

According to the text messages obtained by Daily Mail, Hunter and Caroline also discussed hooking President Biden’s son up with models Bella Thorne, now 25, Yasmina Jones, now 31, and Bella Hadid, now 26.

Even more shocking was the outlet’s report that Hunter was undergoing treatment at a rehab center in Newburyport, Massachusetts, at the time of the conversation with Caroline in January 2019.

According to the newly recovered messages, Hunter’s psychiatrist suggested the embattled businessman and lawyer date a younger model to help him “break free” from his recently ended relationship with his late brother Beau’s widow Hallie.

“Her name is a Pelt[z]…Or whatever your friend[‘s] name is and showed me her picture. Funny huh,” Hunter wrote after saying he was searching for a “rich, hot, and kind” woman to take his mind off Hallie. “[Your] friend that you were going to [tee] me up with.”

“Nicola Peltz!?!? See I told you. How f—ing pretty is she. And sweet,” Hunter’s cousin Caroline, now 31, responded. “Did you tell her you’re my cousin.”

Caroline, who is the daughter of President Biden’s brother, Jim Biden, and Jim’s wife Sara, then informed Hunter he would need to “get Nicola’s parents on his side” and suggested he help Nicola’s older brother Brad who – like Hunter – graduated from Yale University.

“Nicola Peltz is 24 and her father Nelson Peltz would have to love you,” Caroline wrote. “Can you meet brad and help brad. That gets you Nelson. That gets you Nicola.”

“You need Nelson to like you which he will And Claudia even more. The mother,” Caroline added.

“24 is great,” Hunter replied. “Seriously Its incredibly easy to impress a 24 year old.”

As previously reported, Peltz has since married David and Victoria Beckham’s son Brooklyn.

One source close to the Peltz family also told reporters that Nicola has never met nor spoken with President Biden’s 53-year-old son and it is unclear what her connection to Hunter’s cousin Caroline exactly is.

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