Fox News Anchor’s Ex-Husband Arrested for Holding Steak Knife to Her Throat 

Andrew Sansone, 55, was arrested and charged with menacing and criminal possession of a weapon, both misdemeanors, for the incident at their home in the Hamptons the night of December 14, according to papers filed in Southampton town court. 

He allegedly flew into a rage after she ate mashed potatoes he had prepared for the children’s dinner, documents show. 

The Fox anchor, 49, claimed he grabbed a knife from the kitchen and pointed the blade at her neck, causing her to fear for her life, the police report states.

Their children, ages 6, 10 and 12, were reportedly elsewhere in the house at the time.

In a police report obtained, Banderas claimed her husband Andrew Sansone grabbed a knife and pointed the blade at her neck because she ate mashed potatoes meant for their kids.

Banderas waited five days to call police on December 19 and her husband of 14 years was led out of the home by officers while the kids were off at school.

A judge later granted a restraining order prohibiting him from having further contact with his wife. However, he retains the right to visit the children, through curbside pickups.

While the fight was allegedly triggered by her eating potatoes meant for the kids, the report states that the couple had been fighting earlier in the day.

According to the police report, the couple were arguing about money – a common flashpoint as the two battled over their pending divorce and child custody issues, sources explained.

The sources said that Sansone is pursuing primary custody of their kids as well as financial support from his more successful spouse.

Banderas, who joined the Fox News Channel in 2005, serves as a substitute weekday anchor on Outnumbered. She was awarded the ‘Outstanding Single Newscast’ Emmy for her coverage of the Republican National Convention in 2004.

Sansone, a financial advisor, filed for divorce in March. 

The pair continued to live together but argued more often as their divorce proceeded in court.

Banderas’ social media posts are often filled with photos of their children – Addison, Avery and Andrew – doing various activities, including their daughter Avery singing.

But little was seen of Sansone.

Banderas announced their split on her Twitter account on December 9, saying her husband was going to be her ‘soon to be ex,’ in response to a fan telling her the couple had left them in ‘stitches.’

It was five days later that he allegedly threatened her with the knife. 

Then last week, the Fox anchor sensationally announced live on Gutfeld that she is getting a divorce.

The mother-of-three was seeing laughing when host Greg Gutfeld asked if she was going to get anything for Valentine’s Day.

‘F**k Valentine’s Day,’ she replied, as she sat coolly with her arm propped up on the back of the chair. ‘Yeah, it’s stupid. Even when I was married, I didn’t get s**t for Valentine’s Day… well, I’m getting a divorce, I’m going to go ahead and say it right here for the first time.

‘Congratulations are in order, if you know me, you’d clap… That was breaking news right there,’ joked the 18-year Fox veteran, who married Sansone in 2009.

Over the years, she rarely spoke publicly about her marriage, but two sources close to Banderas said they’d had a rocky relationship, telling reporters that Sansone seemed uncomfortable with his wife’s fame and fortune. 

He’d often belittle her, even in front of the children, they said. 

Sansone works for Allied Wealth Partners, which ‘provides financial security for individuals and businesses in the forms of insurance,’ according to the company’s website. 

It’s a relatively obscure job when contrasted with the Emmy award-winning TV star.

‘They were always fighting,’ one source said. ‘He would often speak to her in a very demeaning way, just really trying to make Julie feel like s**t for who she was as a person, as a mother, in her career.

‘I’ve seen it numerous times,’ the source continued. ‘It was never physical. It was more him berating her. He was jealous of her and would frequently put her down.’

Another source told stated: ‘There was constant fighting between the two of them. It was a lot of putdowns from him to her, a lot of demeaning comments. She would be quite careful. She’d mentioned that the children were there, tell him to not to raise his voice, to take it easy, change the subject or go into another room.’

After he filed for divorce in March, it got more tense on the home front.

‘They had a rocky relationship before,’ the first source said. ‘Julie is extremely tough, mentally, and never let anything get to her, just plowing through whatever happened. But after he filed the divorce papers, it got especially awkward. He was making her feel very uncomfortable in her own home.’ 

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