Prince William “Adamant” He Will Never Speak to Harry Again

Prince William will be expected to keep his cool if Prince Harry attends the King’s Coronation in May, a royal expert has said.

Prince William is “adamant” he will never speak to his brother Prince Harry again following the complete rupture of their relationship, royal sources understand. The Prince of Wales is said to still be baffled by the publishing of Harry’s book Spare, which contained all sorts of deriding claims against his brother.

William has so far refused to publicly address all the claims made by Harry in his memoir and in his promotional interviews. But behind the scenes, he is reportedly still seething.

Sources have said the Prince of Wales still “cannot fathom” the malicious intent behind Prince Harry’s book Spare, which he thinks marks “the end of their relationship forever”, according to Dan Wooton, writing for the MailOnline.

Despite the bitterness between the two brothers, Harry and Meghan are on the list for the King’s Coronation on May 6, as confirmed by on Friday.

Wooton described the current hostile atmosphere as a “tinderbox environment” in which William is expected be seen by billions of people during the ceremony.

He wrote: “The question of how he will be able to contain his acute feelings of betrayal, anger and sadness at the Coronation if Harry is there is front of mind for courtiers.”

The GBNews presenter called for Charles to “protect” his eldest son, and maintain the “comfort and dignity” of William.

Sources have previously told the Daily Mail that Harry is likely to visit Britain, even if for just 48 hours for the ceremony.

It reported that Buckingham Palace has a “working assumption” that the Sussexes will be at the event, although the couple are yet to confirm.

A Whitehall source told reporters that the family are currently putting forward plans to “make sure the proceedings run as smoothly as possible – without any drama”.

This is likely to mean having a seating arrangement in Westminster Abbey which keeps the two brothers apart.

The final guest list remains unconfirmed with invitations expected to be sent in the next few weeks.

Last month, the Palace announced details for the Coronation weekend taking place from May 6 to Monday, May 8.

Around 2,250 people are set to be at the Westminster Abbey crowning ceremony on Saturday morning before a procession at Buckingham Palace.

The palace announced that the event will be “a solemn religious service, as well as an occasion for celebration and pageantry”, designed to “reflect the monarch’s role today and look towards the future, while being rooted in longstanding traditions”.

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  1. It is foolish to burn bridges with family members or friends; we never know whether we will be placed in a position where we must help someone, or whether the other will be placed in a position where he must help us. The Bible has it right: swallow your pride and forgive.

  2. Harry has not only trashed William & his family, but will continue as long as he gets money for doing so. Hopefully William & the entire family disown him. They are not a regular family like us. It is an institution.

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