Hollywood Publicist, Her Husband and Cat Die in Fire

Hollywood publicist Doris Bergman has died at the age of 68 following a fire at a home in Los Angeles.

She is said to have perished alongside her husband Albert Sassoe Jr, 68, and the couple’s cat in the “intense” blaze in Mar Vista on Wednesday.

Their deaths were reported on Thursday after it was said a call was made from a mobile phone inside the home on Wednesday morning. However, the call cut off before the dispatcher received enough information.

YoVenice reported that the fire department had been able to track down the call’s location and went to the house, which was already ablaze. The couple and cat were sadly found dead.

Doris was known for hosting Oscar gifting suites with the likes of Jane Lynch, Brigitte Nielsen and Judd Nelson among her guests.

She also worked with George Lopez for his golf classic event each year.

Her death was later confirmed by long-time pal and fashion designer Sue Wong on Facebook. She labelled Doris a “good friend” in her heartfelt post, which began: “I’’m beyond devastated to find out just right now that my good friend Doris Bergman, perished yesterday in an incendiary consuming fire along with her husband, Albert, and their pets.”

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She revealed she had spoke with her friend over the weekend before adding: “I’m completely saddened by this loss as Doris and I had gotten to be close friends during Covid, and we had a good mental and intellectual bond. I will greatly miss her on so many levels.”

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the incident was reported at around 2:20 am.

Spokesperson for the department, Brian Humphrey, said the fire was “intense” at its center, which was in the living room and kitchen of the property.

He said: “In searching the premises, firefighters located a man, woman and pet cat lifeless inside the burnt home. Beyond medical or veterinary assistance, they were determined to be dead at the scene.

The LAFD went on to say the family didn’t have any operational fire sprinklers. Cause and time of the fire and manner of their death had yet to be determined by a coroner.

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