Kate and William Spark Anger After Costing Boston Taxpayers Over $160k

Kate and Prince William’s stay in Boston in late 2022 has been criticised by Americans after it emerged it cost the city a total bill of $170,407.52 (£142,387.41), it has been reported. Most of the expenses, $105,267 (£87,957), were used for policing the whole royal visit, according to data released on Monday by the office of the city’s Public Records Chief Shawn Williams.

The office of tourism spent $58,772.95 (£49,108.91) for “staging, tents, flowers, lights, etc”, the records requested by the Boston Herald read.

Finally, $5,000 (£4175.16) was spent on property management for “Mostly Custodial and Security overtime”, with the remaining expenses being used for EMS (emergency medical services) staffing.

The data note that “staff time for exempt employees time” including salaried people working in the Mayor’s office, Boston city’s intergovernmental affairs office and the advance team were not included in the total bill.

The news that Boston’s taxpayers forked out a six-figure sum for the two British royals was not welcomed by all Americans.

Twitter user Mike Mellett (@BlackBeardCane) wrote on the social media platform: “Good thing we don’t have homeless, rampant drugs or low-income residents in desperate need of help… absolutely disgusting”.

Another social media user, Carolyn Cruse (@CarolynCruse617), commented on the Boston Herald article on Twitter saying: “Stupid and a waste”.

In the comment section of the publication, a reader with the nickname reading bconkbuy wrote: “They should pay the bill.”

And another, sheldon.c1960, quipped, referring to a Major League Baseball team: “Every summer, the Kansas City Royals visit the City of Boston and… pay their own way! The British Royals should do the same.”

When members of the Royal Family carry out an official trip abroad, the UK Government normally covers the cost of the international flights required by the royal party and their team for their trip.

However, the burden of the majority of the costs for the visit itself falls on the shoulders of the nation they are visiting.

The expenses coming with a royal visit are normally seen as an investment, as it provides the city or country hosting them the chance to showcase itself in front of the international media and draw attention to its initiatives.

The tourists attracted by a royal visit are also a plus coming with these high-profile trips.

One Boston Herald reader with the nickname capeck40 made this point in the publication’s comment section, writing: “That doesn’t seem too bad, given the hoopla and the hordes of royal watching housewives they brought into the city.”

Kate and Prince William’s three-day visit to Boston saw, among other engagements, the pair meeting officials – including Boston City Mayor Michelle Wu and Governor Maura Healey – and attending an NBA game before meeting locals and hearing more about the Celtics team’s foundation supporting the community.

The royals also put the spotlight on sustainable technologies and measures to fight climate change-related issues being supported by private organisations and the city.

Kate kept the focus on early childhood development, an issue she has been championing for a decade, and visited Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, while William headed to the JFK Presidential Library and Museum where he also met US President Joe Biden.

The trip culminated with the Earthshot Prize’s second ceremony, attended by several A-listers who presented the awards to five winners.

William launched the Prize in October 2020 to award solutions to the planet’s five most pressing environmentally-related issues over the following decade.

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  1. How much do you think we pay to fly all our worthless congressmen everywhere and that so called resident in office?! I would much rather spend money on Kate and William than Biden, Pelosi, et al.

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