Suspected Serial Killer Found in Chicago – 10 Bodies Found

At least 10 bodies have been pulled from the water surrounding Chicago, and now, people are questioning whether this could be the work of a serial killer. 

The most recent case, a victim who was found last Sunday, share similarities with at least nine other disappearances that have happened along the Chicago waterways. The missing persons cases began over a year ago, and the causes of death for many of the victims remain unknown.

News Nation Now spoke with Tracy Walder, formerly of the CIA and FBI, about these disturbing cases and  @T.vmoments shared the clip to their TikTok page. 


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Most of the victims disappeared in the late evening or early morning hours on weekends. Viewer @Brittniceja comments, “I’ve been saying serial killer for awhile now.. Something is going on in Chicago.” And @Remington adds, “Thank God it’s being talked about. This has been an unspoken theory here for so long.” Another viewer, @Kennise posts, “We were talking about this at work a few months ago. The similarities are obvious!” And @Angela says, “No way it is a coincidence.” 

Walder feels like there are similarities in the cases and says additional similarities include the victims being around the same age, and all of them being the same gender (thus far the victims have all been male). She also says she suspects the cause of death in each cause is due to drowning. Walder feels “all roads lead to a potential serial killer on the loose.”

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  1. Considering it’s Chicago even if they do catch the killer leftist counsel Kim Fox would probably let them off anyways or Mayor Lightfoot would probably condone it since she is a bitter angry lesbian who hates men! Not a surprise, Chicago is no longer a great city but one big cesspool. After the leftist garbage has destroyed this city multiple times people are leaving like crazy. I am sure they’ll find even more bodies since crime runs amok and both Fatboy Governor Pritzger and Lightfoot both sit on their butts on crime but try to take decent law abiding citizens guns away so they can’t protect themselves from the disaster they and their followers have absolutely created themselves.

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