Man Found Alive and Well After Being “Cremated”

A man in India appeared to come back from the dead recently, after being found alive and well months after his family believed he had been cremated.

The 36-year-old Deepak Balakrishnan Kandi turned up eight months after being declared dead in the bizarre missing person case.

As the Times Of India reports, the man was first reported missing in the town of Meppayur back on June 7.

A missing persons report was filed and then a body was recovered matching his description on a beach in Kerala.

It was identified as Kandi, and his family then organized a funeral and a cremation of the body.

That appeared to be the end of the saga, until the authorities discovered that the corpse that had been recovered was not in fact Kandi’s.

In fact, it belonged to another missing person, by the name of Irshad, who bore a physical resemblance to Kandi.

A manhunt for Kandi was then launched after a DNA test confirmed the news.

Eventually, after months of looking for Kandi, a random search of hotels turned up an Aadhar identification number that led to Kandi being discovered and apprehended by police.

In the months since he was declared dead, he had travelled to Jaipur, Delhi and Punjab before settling in Margao where he was found.

When he was informed of the ‘cremation’ which had been organized for him unknowingly while in police custody, he reportedly grinned and said he wasn’t aware of his funeral.

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