Keanu Reeves Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against “Stalker”

Keanu Reeves has been granted a temporary restraining order against an alleged stalker who has trespassed onto his property numerous times in a bizarre bid to prove they are related.

TMZ reports the 58-year-old Speed star’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart appeared in court on Tuesday to seek protection for Reeves and his partner Alexandra Grant from Bryan Dixon, 38, a transient who has ‘been harassing them for months.’

The actor – who owns an $5.6million 5,607-square-foot estate in the Hollywood Hills – hired a security firm to investigate Dixon after he kept turning up at his home, with security footage showing Dixon trespassing six times between November 5 and January 20.

Dixon allegedly entered through a side gate and fell asleep in the home’s backyard on November 5, before getting thrown out. The security footage shows him peering over walls, smoking in the garden and walking along an outdoor terrace.

He then returned the next morning, leaving a ‘suspicious and alarming’ backpack on the property, which included a DNA testing kit ‘apparently intended to use on Mr. Reeves in a delusional attempt to prove they are blood related.’

Keanu’s team also claim Dixon has been posing disturbing messages on social media calling himself ‘Jasper Keith Reeves’ and wants to put Keanu ‘in charge’ of him and assign his personal ‘rights’ to the actor.

They added that Dixon is not known to the actor but has a bench warrant issued against him in Rhode Island for alleged breaking and entering with felonious intent, possessing burglary tools and vandalism.

Dixon’s criminal record is also said to go back two decades. 

The temporary restraining order granted bars Dixon from coming within 100 yards of Keanu and Alexandra. The police are understood to now be involved. has contacted Keanu Reeves’ representatives for comment. 

In 2014, a female intruder reportedly wandered into Reeves’ home and was discovered by a cleaning team – after she stripped off and jumped in the pool.

The incident came just two days after the star confronted another woman he found in his library.

According to TMZ, the second intruder walked into the Speed star’s estate after a cleaning company left the front gate open.

The actor was not at the property when the incident occurred.

Authorities arrived at the property and escorted the woman away. She allegedly underwent a mental evaluation afterwards.

Law enforcement sources tell the website that the team working in the house noticed the woman, but only flagged her as an intruder after she stripped, took a shower, then started swimming.

In the first incident, the star was at home, and allegedly awoke around 4am by noises coming from the library of the property.

After getting out of bed to see what was going on, he is said to have come face-to-face with a woman in her mid-40s who had broken in and sat in his chair.

Sgt. Albert Gonzalez after the break-in that ‘officers detained one female at the location in her 40s’ after speaking to Keanu, ‘advised them that she obviously did not belong there.’ 

He added that the woman was ‘behaving erratically and was taken to a medical facility to be evaluated’.

She was not arrested and was taken to a medical facility to be evaluated. 

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