Gisele Bündchen’s Heartbreaking Response to Tom Brady’s Retirement

The biggest news in the world of sports is that of the retirement of the seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Tom Brady thought it was the right time to take his leave from the league. Hence, to inform them about his decision to his fans, the 45-year-old uploaded a video on his social media accounts. Many star athletes like Patrick Mahomes, Serena Williams, etc reacted to the bittersweet news. Along with them, TB12’s former runway model wife also wrote some supportive words.

The former NFL power couple filed for divorce and let their fans know about it at the end of October. It was sad news since the two had always supported each other professionally and personally. But their split was amicable, and they planned to take care of their children lovingly. Therefore, even after not being together, the two extend a hand of support to each other.

Fans react to the heartfelt message that Gisele wrote for Tom Brady

Tampa Tom uploaded a series of pictures. Amongst them was a picture of him with his then-wife and three children. This marked the second year where he announced his retirement. And then, he wrote a special tribute to her for always supporting him through thick and thin.

“Wishing you only wonderful things in this new chapter of your life,” Bündchen wrote under the post. Since nobody expected her to leave a comment for her ex-husband, fans reacted to it in various ways.

A fan wrote, “hitting him with the corporate response “wish you well” While another fan said, “AINT NO WAY.” There were also users who asked TB12 to get back with her former supermodel wife, “Get her back Tom.

There were fans who believed that the Brazilian model moved on to a new man. They might think about her jiujitsu coach, Joaquim Valente, with whom she went on a vacation to Costa Rica. Many people believed the two were dating each other, but they made no confirmation.

Although Brady did not post the former Victoria’s Secret Angel’s pictures on his Instagram Story (that may lead one to believe that they aren’t on good terms), he gave Gisele her important position in his post.

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