Royal Tragedy as Queen’s ‘Most Mischievous Friend’ Passes Away

Lady Rupert Nevill was a good friend of Queen Elizabeth II and had known her since childhood – she died last week aged 97

The late Queen ‘s best pal who helped her go in public unrecognised has died aged 97.

Lady Rupert Nevill was a good friend of Queen Elizabeth II and had known her since childhood.

Known as “Micky” by friends, including the Queen, they met while they were in a troop of Girl Guides on the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

The Queen and Prince Philip would stay with Micky and her husband and drive to nearby Brighton to go to the theatre.

An old article from the 1970s reported how the Queen loved to go in public unrecognized.

It read: “The Queen relishes seeing whether out of royal context she can go unrecognized,’ reported an article in the 1970s.

“She once queued at the ticket office ­without being noticed.

“Another night, when slow-­moving crowds jammed the foyer, the manager recognised Micky Nevill and suddenly realised that, elbow-deep in the crush and enjoying it, was the Queen.”

Those paying tribute to Micky include Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes.

He told Richard Eden : “I will miss her tremendously,’ he tells me. ‘We had been friends for more than half a century.

“In fact, she was one of the main influences in my life. Her knowledge, her judgment, her taste, were all extraordinary, and I consider knowing her as one of my ­greatest blessings.”

She was born Camilla Wallop, and was the daughter of the 9th Earl of Portsmouth.

Micky married Lord Rupert Nevill in East Sussex, and their home was said to have been a location where Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend had their romance.

Lord Rupert served as treasurer to Prince Philip as well as the private secretary.

Lady Rupert’s funeral is next week as it is thought senior royals are likely to be there.

Prince Philip and Charles were mourners at her husband’s funeral in 1982.

Micky and her husband’s son was the Queen’s first godson, who was born in 1945 – two years before she was coronated.

The Queen’s first godson was born in 1945, two years before she ascended to the throne, and was the son of her childhood friend Lady Anne Camilla Wallop and Lord Rupert Nevill, who worked in Prince Philip’s office. He died in 1993 aged just 47.

The Queen had many friends throughout her life, including Angela Kelly.

Last year, she was thought to have moved into Windsor Castle to help her Majesty handle the mobility difficulties that come with old age.

Angela was born eight weeks after The Queen ascended to the throne in 1952.

She comes from a humble background and was one of six children born in Walton, Merseyside.

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