Brother of Missing Actor ‘Has Said His Goodbyes’

The brother of missing actor, Jason Sands, has spoken out about the heart-wrenching situation, revealing that he has already said his goodbyes to his beloved brother. The 65-year-old actor disappeared on January 13th while on a hike in the Baldy Bowl area of the San Gabriel Mountains, north of Los Angeles, California. Despite the tireless efforts of Californian officials, search efforts have been hindered by deadly storms, making it difficult to locate the missing actor.

Nick Sands, who lives in Gargrave, North Yorkshire, has come to terms with the fact that his brother may not be found. He said, “I have come to terms with the fact he’s gone and for me that’s how I’ve dealt with it. I prefer that to thinking of my brother lying injured on the mountain side.” However, Sands’ three children and wife still hold out hope that he will be found.

Speaking on Tuesday, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said, “Numerous ground and air search efforts have taken place. As of this time, Mr. Sands has not been found and no evidence of his current location has been discovered. The search will continue, weather and ground conditions permitting.”

Sands has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, appearing in dozens of films and TV shows. However, it was his lead role in the 1985 British romance ‘A Room With A View’ that brought him global fame. Nick Sands spoke fondly of his brother, saying, “Julian, bless him, all the time he has lived away, has been able to find his way back to see us and his mum, he was absolutely brilliant with Brenda who died six years ago.”

Julian Sands has previously spoken about his love of hiking and mountain climbing and Nick said he would always try to fit in some activity when visiting. He said, “He’s done the Pennine Way in completion. He just comes for one night, it’s a great effort, he comes up on the train, stays the night with me and will be on the train the following day, just for a beer and a curry.”

The Sands family, who were raised in the area around Skipton, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, are holding out hope for Julian’s safe return. However, as the search continues and the days pass, the reality of his absence becomes increasingly difficult to bear. The family, friends and fans of Julian Sands are praying for his safe return, and for closure for his loved ones.

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