Pamela Anderson Says Sylvester Stallone Offered Her a Condo and Porsche to be His “No. 1 Girl”

Pamela Anderson is peeling back the curtains on her thinly veiled love life to allege that “Rocky” star Sylvester Stallone once made her an offer she could refuse.

“He offered me a condo and a Porsche to be his ‘No. 1 girl,’” says the 55-year-old fox in her new Netflix documentary, “Pamela, a Love Story,” out Jan. 31. “And I was like, ‘Does that mean there’s No. 2? Uh-uh,’” she laughs. 

But, Stallone, 76, argued that his proposal was as good as Tinseltown gold, according to Anderson. 

“He goes, ‘That’s the best offer you’re gonna get, honey. You’re in Hollywood now,’” she claims, adding that she spurned the bid without hesitation. 

“I wanted to be in love,” says Anderson. “I didn’t want anything less than that.”

Representatives for Stallone, however, tell The Post that the saucy solicitation never happened.

“The statement from Pamela Anderson attributed to my client is false and fabricated,” said a spokesperson for the Oscar-nominated actor. “Mr. Stallone confirms that he never made any portion of that statement.”

Anderson went on to find love with a slew of other bigwigs.

In her much-ballyhooed doc, the bosomy Playboy beauty shares the lesser-known yet steamy details of her past romances with ‘90s A-listers such as Scott Baio, 62, “Superman” lead Dean Cain, 56, her “Baywatch” co-star Kelly Slater, 50, and “The Real World: New York” contestant Eric Nies, 51. 

Most notably, Anderson, who’s been married five times to four different men, talks about her failed marriages to Motley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, 60, and professional poker player Rick Salomon, 54.

Elsewhere in the film, she discusses being molested and raped, her career as an actress and Playboy pinup and her disdain for Hulu’s Emmy-nominated “Pam & Tommy” series, which detailed the leaking of her and Lee’s 1995 honeymoon sex tape.

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