Suspect Trys to Abduct Lowe’s Worker Mid-Shift (VIDEO)

A shocking incident occurred at a Lowe’s hardware store in Oklahoma when a suspect attempted to kidnap a female employee. The disturbing event was captured on surveillance footage, in which the suspect, identified as Quincy Wilson, can be seen approaching the employee from behind and grabbing her by the throat.

He then proceeded to attempt to force her into his SUV parked just outside the store entrance. The employee struggled and fought back, but Wilson overpowered her and began dragging her away in a headlock, as her feet skidded across the floor. Just as it seemed as if the situation was becoming dire, the employee managed to catch the attention of a co-worker who came to her aid, allowing her to escape Wilson’s grasp. The suspect then fled the store before police arrived, but they were able to recover his SUV vehicle.

Bartlesville police were able to identify the man in the video as Quincy Wilson and arrested him in Tulsa, 45 miles south of Bartlesville, on Wednesday. Bartlesville police captain Andrew Ward told local news station KTUL that an alleged kidnapping from a workplace was extremely rare and that the incident appeared to be random.

However, he also mentioned that police had received a call earlier in the day where a person matching Wilson’s description had walked into a nearby office and turned off the lights. This, along with the fact that the SUV had been parked in a secluded loading bay directly outside the hardware store’s side entrance, led the police to believe that the attempted kidnapping was premeditated.

According to inmate records on the Washington County Jail, Mr Wilson is facing one charge of kidnapping and is currently in custody on $150,000 bond. The victim of the attempted kidnapping is said to be shaken but thankfully, physically unharmed from the incident.

The community is in shock, and many are calling for stricter security measures to be put in place to ensure the safety of employees and customers at all retail stores. The investigation is still ongoing, and the police are urging anyone with information about this incident to come forward.


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