Four Dead in Festival Horror After Crane Carrying People Crashes 25ft to Ground

A crane carrying eight people toppled over in the middle of a huge crowd at a festival in Tamil Nadu State, India. Four died and five were hurt in the tragedy.

Four festival goers were killed and five injured after a crane carrying people toppled over at a packed celebration. People were suspended by a crane, which is attached to a truck and surrounded by a large crowd in India.

The truck and crane then begins to topple over, prompting festival goers on the ground to scream and flee.

The crane – which was carrying eight people – then hits the ground and people rush to check on those injured.

The incident happened at Draupathi temple in Ranipet District, Tamil Nadu State, on Sunday at a religious festival.

Victims were suspended at a height of about 25ft on the crane before being lowered to receive gifts from festival goers on the ground.

The crane then falls on its side in front of shocked attendees.

The dead victims have been identified as Chinnasamy, 60, S Bhoopalan, 40, K Muthukumar, 39, and B Jothibabu, 17.

Police spokesperson Deepa Satyan said the crane was operating on uneven ground, which probably caused the vehicle to topple over.

The crane operator has been taken into custody as the investigation continues.

It comes just days after six people, including three kids, were tragically killed at another festival in India after their throats were slit by kite strings.

Almost 200 people were injured at the Uttarayan festival in Gujarat, due to cuts and falls while they were flying kites, police reportedly said.

The festival took place over the weekend of January 14 and 15 as people turned out to fly kites from terraces and rooftops to celebrate the day winter begins to turn into summer.

Local media reported that in several shocking cases the sharp kite strings ended up wrapped around the necks of revellers, cutting their throats and causing them to bleed to death.

NDTV reported that a two-year-old had been out with her father in Bhavnagar, Gujarat, when she got entangled by a kite string – she would later died in hospital from her injuries an official from a local police station said.

In another tragic incident, a three-year-old had been walking home with her mother when her neck was slit by a kite string.

Despite being rushed to hospital she too tragically died, the TV station reported.

The festival sees revelers take place in deadly contests where they try to cut down other kites with their own kite string.

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