‘Wednesday’ Star Accused of Shocking Assault by Multiple Women

Wednesday star Percy Hynes White has been accused of sexual assault and racism, with fans calling for his removal from the Netflix series.

White, who played Xavier Thorpe in the hit 2022 show, is at the center of calls to #cancelpercy after allegations against the actor were shared on social media.

Twitter user @milkievich shared a lengthy thread on Twitter accusing White of assault and “manipulating girls”, as well as alleged images of White said to have been sent to minors, and a recording of him seeming to use a racial slur as part of a performance.

The thread has amassed thousands of retweets, likes, and 7.6 million views on the platform, with fans of Wednesday asking for him to be axed from the series, and the #cancelpercy hashtag gaining momentum.

The same user shared a screenshot of a message she’d sent detailing several allegations against White, which accuses him and his friends of “being predators and trying to manipulate girls into f*cking them or giving them nudes.”

They also alleged White would throw parties “to explicitly invite women they thought were hot so they could get them drunk and high enough to have sex with them, and lie about being high and drunk as well.”

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They accused White of assaulting them at one of the parties, as well as one of their friends, and claimed he already has rape allegations against him.

Elsewhere in the thread, there are images that appear to show White nude, while others have replied with their own allegations of assault against him, including sleeping with a minor.

The thread has resulted in thousands of tweets with the #cancelpercy hashtag, with many asking for him to be removed from the next season of the Netflix series.

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  1. Mr. White and his friends have money, and they are young. How often have we seen young men in that position try to have sex with women? It’s been going on for centuries, so it is nothing new. The “recording of him seeming to use a racial slur as part of a performance” is a bit dubious. “Seeming to use…” may mean that he used no slur, but someone misinterpreted his words, or he used the word “as part of a performance”, which means he was simply acting, and not saying anything he truly believed. Since we are in the age of “attack everyone with whom you disagree,” we won’t really know if Mr. White was racist or predatory until we actually see physical evidence of it.

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