Amazon Deliveryman Falls into Septic Tank: ‘Walls are Caving In’

An Amazon deliveryman had a fairly stinky experience after falling into a septic tank and was able to chronicle the entire thing. The video reveals he was beginning to fear for his life, too.

The driver, who goes by @dovahkiin0103 on TikTok, recorded a couple of videos as the walls of the septic tank began to close in around him. “I’m standing in knee-deep sludge, piss and s–t, pretty sure,” he said, and pretty sure he was right.

He documented the ordeal in three parts, beginning with his explanation of what happened. And it all started when he was walking near a hole in the ground when the entire ground around it collapsed. He dropped six feet into You Know What.

He explained it in the video, but warning, the language is raw.

@dovahkiin0103 Walked past a hole while delivering to a customer’s house when it collapsed and took me with it! #baddayatwork #amazondspdriver ♬ original sound – Charles Amicangel945

After calling dispatch, the driver had to wait frantically as the local fire department made its way to the yard.

“I really do not want to die in someone’s f–kin’ whatever you call these things,” he said.


♬ original sound – Charles Amicangel945

Finally, he was able to return to Earth’s normal surface — and his shift. He was happy about the former, but not so much the latter, as Amazon asked him to finish his route. He obliged.

“Unfortunately, the answer for me was, yes — I guess I’m too nice,” he said in a third video. “They already sent someone to take 50 packages off me, so that’s cool.”

Talk about wild luck, right? What a day this poor dude had, he’s never going to forget it.

@dovahkiin0103 #amazondspdriver #baddayatwork ♬ original sound – Charles Amicangel945

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  1. Uh no, he should have been allowed to go home and take a shower. He could get sick from that $h!+ ! Amazon should have gotten a back up driver to relieve him (pun intended) for the rest of his shift.

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