Parkour Runner Falls Off High-Rise But Miraculously Survives (VIDEO)

People are flooding to social media in horror after a parkour runner fell off the top of a high-rise building.

If you’re not a fan of heights, turn away now and prepare for your anxiety levels to go up a good few notches and palms to grow sweaty.

There’s no doubt about it, people who parkour – which involves them zipping on and off walls and over buildings to showcase death-defying stunts – are seriously cool.

But what happens when a stunt doesn’t go to plan? Particularly if you’re bouncing off walls on top of a high-rise building?

Well, one parkour runner found out and caught the hair-raising moment on camera.

Uploaded to viral video community channel for ‘the hottest videos from across the web’ GoatWoW, the camera is positioned on top of the runner’s head, giving viewers an all too realistic and queasy view of just how high up they are.

With the wind whipping up around them, the parkour runner hops onto the ledge of the wall on the roof of the building before beginning to sprint off along the sides, swinging their arms as they glide through the air over the top of two wide – and slightly sickening – gaps between the walls.

However, as the runner lands after smashing the second gaping leap, they stumble – the unexpected sight of wires blocking the route up ahead is perhaps the cause of their falter – leading them to fall to the side and ultimately fall off the ledge.

Thankfully, the runner skims falling a long way down to what would’ve likely been a quick, but painful and terrifying death, with the help of the two wires coming off the building.

Although, the wires are later revealed as being electrical wires, which can’t have been too comfortable to cling on to.

The parkour runner luckily has a friend with them too, who’s quick to run over and help them back on top of the roof.

“I have a couple of burns on my stomach and hands. But I’m alive,” the parkour runner said.

Since uploading the frightful video, people have been left stunned in the comments section, with one saying: “Is anyone else impressed at how strong those wires are?

“I guess they both messed up his attempt and saved his life at the same time.”

“As someone who also came close to falling to his death rock climbing, I understand that hysterical laughter at the end when you reach safety,” another wrote.

A third commented: “He’s SO lucky his friends were there to save him. Imagine if he did this alone…”

While a final resolved: “I think he finally found that proper adrenaline rush he was looking for.”


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