Actress Regrets Not Taking Legal Action Against CBS After ‘The Good Wife’ Accident

Kristin Chenoweth is revealing that she regrets not suing CBS after her injuries while filming The Good Wife in 2012 following an accident.

The Emmy and Tony award-winning star detailed the incident she suffered on the set of the drama in her new novel I’m No Philosopher, But I Got Thoughts. During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked her if she had heard anyone from the eye network after releasing her book.

Chenoweth said no and agreed that she regretted not pursuing legal action against the broadcast network adding, “I didn’t do it out of fear and anxiety, so don’t ever let fear rule your life. I have long-standing injuries from that. I wished I had listened to my dad, who said, ‘You’re gonna wanna do this.’ And we’re not the suing family, but when you’re practically killed…” 

The Pushing Daisies alum joined The Good Wife in 2012 in a recurring role for Season 4. While filming an episode on-location for the series, she was struck by a piece of lighting equipment and was hospitalized.

“I heard, like, a flagpole sound. I literally heard, ‘We’re losing the light.’ I heard, ‘Action.’ And I woke up at Bellevue [Hospital],” she recalled on the Bravo late-night show. “It hit me in the face and it threw me into a curb. Seven-inch skull fracture, hairline [fracture], and teeth and ribs.”

Chenoweth was not able to complete her story arc on the primetime drama and didn’t return following the injury. The actor credits her hair extensions for saving her life.

“My hair extensions, you know, made the hairline fracture go together. My doctor said, ‘What are these metal things?’ And I said, ‘They’re hair extensions.’ And he said, ‘They saved your life,’” she added. “So, anyone who wants to get hair extensions should, for your health.”

Watch the interview in the video below:

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