Harry Made to Feel Less Important Than William as a Child Says Diana’s Butler

Paul Burrell, 64, recalled that a miffed Harry would say: “How come he gets three?”

A nanny said: “William needs filling up more than you. He’s going to be king one day.”

Paul recalled the incident and said he could see how early rivalry between the brothers played out at times.

Paul told The Sun: “When I look back now, I think maybe I was glimpsing the dynamic at play.

“One time I saw the nanny give William three sausages at breakfast and Harry had two.

“And Harry would look at his plate and say, how come he gets three? And I only get two.”

Paul recalled the nanny’s comment and added: “Harry would fall quiet and suck it up, but that’s what he had to contend with, even in his own home.”

Paul reckons Harry’s unwarranted attacks on the Royal Family stem from a youth of playing second fiddle to William — who as a boy was second in line to the throne and destined to be king.

And while Paul says he witnessed a deep bond of brotherhood between the pair as kids, he now sees how Harry was harbouring a seething resentment towards his brother and the institution that put William ahead of him.

Paul continued: “In their mother’s eyes, they were absolutely equal.

“The princess doted on them both.

“But I can see that Harry found it tough living up to the standard set by William.”

“Diana begged Charles not to send Harry to Eton through fear her son would have a tough time at the school in his brother’s shadow.

“But Diana’s plea ultimately fell on deaf ears.

“He went to Eton and suffered the indignity of being constantly compared to William.

‘Lost the plot’

“William was brighter than Harry and would be king one day, how can you compete with that?”

Paul said Harry would tackle the problem by acting as the louder, more boisterous brother.

He added: “William would be measured and stoic and sort of take everything in. But not Harry. He would have to be the clown, he had to be noticed.

“And often I’d hear the princess shout across the room, ‘Shhhh, Harry, be quiet’.

“And I’ve heard those words in the last few days. Harry needs to be quiet, he needs to pipe down.”

Paul also recalled how a young William was upset about something and during a childish outburst, said he didn’t want to be king.

The butler said: “Harry piped up to say he would do it instead. Diana laughed and said, ‘That’d be funny. You’d be Good King Harry’.

Henry IV of France was dubbed “Good King Henry” for bringing prosperity and unity to the country from 1589 to 1610.

While Paul sympathises with Harry’s feelings of envy as a boy, he now thinks the Duke, 38, has gone too far in his attacks on his family.

He accused Harry of “double standards”, saying he had “lost the plot”.

He added: “I don’t recognise him anymore.

“He’s clearly hurt and angry at being ‘the spare’ and so he’s lashing out from that place.”

Paul, who Diana called “her rock”, served her for ten years until her death in 1997.

Their only USP is being royal so take away their royal status and nobody will want to know them.

He claims Harry is trying to destroy the monarchy — something he says Di never wanted to do.

He added: “It’s sad and foolish.

“He’s lobbing in all these resentment-filled grenades, and hurting a lot of people in the process.

“I know The Queen was upset in the months before she died and worried about accusations coming her way across the Atlantic.”

Paul said Diana would be “appalled” at her son’s attacks on the monarchy, especially William, and furious to find Harry had taken drugs, which the prince admits in his book.

Speaking in Florida, Paul said he fears Harry’s bleating “will never stop” and that he and Meghan should immediately be stripped of their royal titles.

He said: “Their only USP is being royal so take away their royal status and nobody will want to know them.”

He spoke out after Harry said in his book Spare that Paul made his “blood boil” when the butler released his memoir A Royal Duty in 2003 — and accused him of “milking” Diana’s death for money.

But Paul branded Harry’s words “rich” adding: “Harry knows full well how devoted I was to his mother – in life and on the page.”


PAUL Burrell says things went sour for the Fab Four – Harry and Meghan and William and Kate – over house envy.

While William and Kate were living in Kensington Palace – a residence complete with a full staff – Meghan and Harry were in tiny Nottingham cottage.

Paul said: “When Meghan got a sight of everything Kate and William enjoyed she realised she wasn’t in the top tier.”

Harry himself said he was “embarrassed” after spending time with them.


PRINCE Harry’s belief that his mother wanted a new life in America is wrong, says Paul Burrell.

The Duke of Sussex said Princess Diana wanted to settle to the US and suggested she would have approved of his life in California, having escaped the Royal Family.

But Di’s butler Paul, says that, while the princess dreamed of owning a home in California, she wanted it as a “bolthole”.

Paul said: “She said to me, ‘I’m buying this house to give William and Harry a new perspective on life’, it was never a forever home.”

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  1. Like everything in life, the strong will always overshadow the weak. So, you can either get with the program and fight to become powerful and NOT play the victim or you can continue to play the victim and not go anywhere.
    In Harry’s case. Poor spoiled RICH boy. All those opportunities to use that money coming in for good and develop himself and yet he squanders it playing the victim.

    Not only does it prove that William is the right one for his role based on his actions and will never change his actions given his age unless he gets it together, grow up, and start defining himself differently. There are so many people that would gladly change places and handle the situation differently. You can’t change spoiled elitest, leftist, man children. As long as the media keeps giving in and covering the stupidity of his and his tramp of a wife’s actions you force them to never grow up and act like responsible adults. The fact they bred only means they will teach those children the same poor behaviors and morals.

  2. It is a fact that Harry was traumatized as a young boy by having to assume the role of second best or less important. The effects of psychological trauma can follow a person for the remainder of their lives. I think Harry’s book is his way of confronting this tragedy.

    1. I wish I had been traumatized like Harry. Raised in a castle, being “the spare”. All that good food, 2 sausages, nice clothes, excellent educational opportunities, etc.

  3. Harry needs to grow up. He obviously has not heard “If you don’t like your situation, change it for the better”. Instead of blaming others, he needs to grow up, accept that his choice in leaving the royals, the U.K. and removing himself from royal duties has been the reason for exclusion of a lot of Royal family events. It was his choice as he catered to wife Meghans’ tantrum to leave since she would always be in a lower rank than Kate. And never be an elite, top tier Royal. She believed she would be here, in the States, but that hasn’t panned out either. She will never be a top-tier elite Princess or actress nor Socialite. Harry was born elite. She wasn’t. Harry needs to live at the higher standards and stop stooping to Meghans level. Let the past go, Harry! Be the man tha Diana always hoped and prayed for in a second Son.

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