Today Host Jenna Bush Hager Holds Back Tears as She Makes Devastating Confession

The former first daughter fought back tears as she talked with co-host Hoda Kotb.

The revelation came as the two Today show hosts were discussing body shaming, and its ramifications.

Jenna, 41, confessed she had her own experience with the belittling insults at the hands of her grandmother.

“I remember being a teenager,” she reflected. “I remember the bikini color I was wearing, a yellow bikini color.

“I was laying next to my sister [fraternal twin Barbara Bush], and my grandmother, who I adored, but had kind of a biting personality, said something like, ‘Oh, Jenna! Looking chubby.'”

Martha Pierce was Barbara’s older sister, and Jenna said her great-grandmother knew how to needled her.

“‘Martha’s the pretty one. You’re the funny one. You’re the smart one. Martha is this one. You’re that one'” Jenna commented.

“‘And so, late [in] life, (Barbara) said, ‘You know, when I said those things to you, I was talking to myself.'”


This isn’t the first time Jenna has become emotional on live TV.

Back in November, Jenna shared a story about her family moving over the summer and how it affected her kids.

“We moved and we walked around the new house and we had Mila talk about what she wants it to feel like,” she said.

“And you know what? In Mrs. Obama’s book, she wrote a lot about what her house feels like. That’s what my daughter wants.”

Jenna explained this to her co-host, Hoda, with tears in her eyes.

“She wants a house where neighbors can come in and sit around the table, where there’s laughter and love,” the TODAY host said.

Jenna then went on to say at a back-to-school night, Mila wrote about what school feels like for her and she described it as being free.

“I hadn’t met a soul at this school, because I work with Hoda. And I just start weeping at this little tiny desk, feeling so good.”

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  1. Really now you can say bad things about your grandma. Why didn’t you say it to her and not the world. Go talk to your counselor

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