President Biden Doesn’t Trust the Secret Service?

President Joe Biden actively distrusts the Secret Service so deeply that he avoids conversations in front of his own security detail, according to a new book.

The president believes the agency lied about an incident where his German shepherd Major allegedly bit an agent, according to the forthcoming book The Fight of His Life, by author Chris Whipple, who reported that Biden pointed to the spot where the incident allegedly occurred and cast doubt during a White House tour with a friend, according to excerpts published by Vox.

“Look, the Secret Service are never up here,” Biden said, according to the book. “It didn’t happen.”

The agency feuded with the White House over the alleged attack in March 2021, and the dog eventually went to live in a quieter environment with family friends in December 2021.

The book also details the Biden transition team’s concerns after the 2020 election that Trump would try to use the military to overturn his loss and remain in power, and his team actively discussed their concerns with then-House speaker Nancy Pelosi, who relayed those worries to Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

His advisers told Whipple those concerns about the peaceful transition of power carried over to the botched military withdrawal from Afghanistan, according to the book.

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