Vladimir Putin Exhibits Bizarre Behavior During Televised Appearance

Russian President Vladimir Putin displayed bizarre behavior during a televised military meeting, which added fuel to the fire of rumors that alleged the Kremlin leader is close to death with a terminal illness.

During the appearance, where the Kremlin leader met with Russian army officials, Putin, 70, lashed out at a government official and was seen repeatedly rubbing the back of his hand, in what appeared to be a move to protect a clear visual of the area where he was once rumored to have “track marks.”

In the video clip, the 70-year-old president lost his temper and lashed out at Russia Deputy Premier Denis Manturov. Putin’s unhinged behavior was made worse as viewers noticed his incessant rubbing of the back of his hands.

The move comes after the Kremlin leader had “track marks” on the back of his hands in October 2020, possibly from being given an intravenous treatment of some kind.

Putin’s questionable behavior during the meeting added to speculation that his health is rapidly deteriorating with some believing he is fighting a behind-the-scenes battle with terminal cancer and Parkinson’s.

Putin has been dodged by talk about his health for months. He was rumored to have received Western medicine to improve his ailments, which would otherwise not be available to the average Russian citizen.

Additionally, Putin has been showing a tendency to lean on podiums and desks in recent appearances. Some critics have suggested that Putin could be bracing himself to prevent trembles from his alleged battle with Parkinson’s.

Moreover, the majority of press images released by the Russian government show Putin seated. In addition, he has canceled several engagements at the last minute.

To make matters worse, Putin’s senseless invasion of Ukraine has not gone as planned — and rumors of his failing health eerily mirror the continued weakened state of his troops on the front lines of the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

Putin’s command to invade a peaceful Ukraine in February 2022 has led to destruction on multiple levels for Russia and Ukraine, from civilian causalities to devastated infrastructure, and has taken a major hit to Russia’s dwindling economy.

Rumors will be put to the ultimate test during the upcoming polar plunge at Orthodox epiphany in mid-January, a past favorite event of Putin’s, where he has been known to take part in the event and dive into the freezing cold waters.

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