Emily Blunt Sparks Outrage After Insulting Waitress in Resurfaced Clip (VIDEO)

The Devil Wears Prada star had been showing off her top-notch American accent on The Jonathan Ross Show when she recalled one conversation she’d had with a waitress in Louisiana. 

Emily explained that she and her Looper castmates had been filming scenes in Thibodaux, Louisiana when they stopped in to Chili’s for a bite to eat – only for Emily to be instantly recognised by a cheery server.

Host Jonathan chimed in, involving the studio audience: “I love Chili’s. You ever been to Chili’s?

“If you go to Chili’s, you can see why so many of our American friends are enormous. I ordered a starter once and it was four mini burgers, but they were as big as proper burgers!”

Emily replied: “The girl that was serving me was enormous, you know, I think she got freebie meals at Chili’s.”

Continuing her story, with an admittedly stellar southern accent, she went on: “She comes up and she goes, ‘Did anyone ever tell you you look a lot like Emily Blunt?’ And I said, ‘I have heard that, yes.’

“And she went, ‘Are you Emily Blunt?’ And I went, ‘Yeah.’

“And she went, ‘What are y’all doin’ here?!’ And then she was like, ‘Are y’all shootin’ a movie here?’ And I said, ‘Yeah I’m shooting a film called Looper.’

“And she went, ‘Looper? Y’all just made that up.'”

While the story got a few laughs at the time, fans who are now re-watching the interview are wondering how they managed to brush over Emily’s comment on the waitress’s size.

“Ok but ‘and the girl serving us was ENORMOUS. I think she got freebie meals’ was definitely unnecessary” commented one viewer.

“‘You can tell she gets freebie meals’ bro, what did she do to you!?” asked a second.

“To the waitress who served Emily Blunt. I am so sorry, you do not deserve the disrespect you got from her,” posted a third.

Some pointed out that there was no need for Emily to comment on the waitress’s appearance, since it didn’t add anything to the story she was telling.

“What could’ve been a neat story about a nice waitress and getting recognised ruined off the bat with fat phobia. Great job Emily,” read one comment.

“Why did she have to say she was fat? Didn’t pertain to the story,” noted another.

From Emily’s story, it seems like this waitress was particularly sweet and welcoming to her and her castmates, making her comments all the more confusing.

“So it sounded like the waitress was kind and funny. Better make sure to insult her on television,” one fan sarcastically commented.

Another wrote: “Damn that girl probably felt like s**t hearing Emily call her enormous and stuff… It sounds like she was really nice too.”


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  1. You are nothing but an embarrassment to everyone. How can you said that about anyone. Maybe you need to go on a diet witch. I wouldn’t serve you if you’re the last person on earth.

  2. The British are only one set of foreigners that are amazed at the proportions of the portions of food that Americans are served. And are often surprised at the size of Americans. It’s a cultural thing and a warning because if you visit England expect high prices for small portions and not very tasty food. Just check out YouTube videos.

  3. I agree, Emily need someone to teach her some manners
    Obviously not from the South, how rude and disrespectful.
    I have no respect for Hollywood’s rudeness

  4. Emily “Blunt” (got her name rightfully) is nothing but southern pond scum. She is rude, obnoxious and yes, blunt. I had to research just who Emily Blunt is and after researching … still not impressed.

  5. That two-bit Brit needs to go home and take her lame movies with her. Personally, I am underweight, but it doesn’t matter. I would never be rude to someone because of a reading on a scale. Being overweight is better than being obnoxious.

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